Thursday, January 3, 2013

Purple Pinwheels

Here's my very first finish for 2013!
A quilt that began ONLY because
someone gave me her leftover triangles
from a quilt she had made!
I began by sewing them into pinwheels...
and kept going!!!
I RARELY know where a quilt is going to take me!
It's always an ADVENTURE!!!
I DID learn while making this quilt...
that pinwheels LIKE to go the same way!
Hopefully I'll put my thinking cap on
the next time I attempt pinwheels.
You'll notice MINE don't GO the same way!
Ah well.....
I marched on and finished it!
I doubt the new owner will have
ANY idea the mistake I made!!!
Pretty vines!

Loop-de-loop lines in the quilting!

Almost READY to give away!!!
I'll be stitching the binding down this week!
We're getting away as a family
RIGHT before
school, work and schedules!!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I am always so excited to see your latest project and as usual, I am not disappointed! I love it!

  2. It`s absolutely wonderful.Great job!

  3. I love it Beth. The applique really makes it special.

  4. Oh My Beth.....I LOVE this!! Stop being soooo prolific, I can't keep up!! ha!

    You can send this one my way!!! I'll email you my address!!

  5. Love your pinwheels... they are so pretty, so what that some are different. Have a wonderful get away.

  6. I really love this quilt, and the borders made it even better!

  7. What a sweet quilt. Thank you for sharing the process with us. I don't think it matters at all that they go different directions. Who made the rule that they should all go one way? Cheers! Toni

  8. And the fun is definitely in the adventure! Very sweet quilt. I think the pinwheels going in different ways gives it character.:)

  9. If you're going to get 2013 started with a quilt as lovely as this, you know I'm going to be following you vigilantly for the rest of the year, Beth!

  10. It looks terrific, Beth. I did the same thing with my first pinwheel quilt. It's funny because I would not had noticed had you not mentioned it.

  11. Lovely! That applique in the border really added a lot to the piece.

  12. Beautiful, Beth! I love the applique - it really makes the quilt!!

  13. Those are so pretty -- and until I read your post, I didn't see the ones going the wrong way.


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