Monday, June 25, 2012


Here's a very simple round robin quilt..
I made all by myself!!!

(Typically round robin quilts are done by
a FEW quilters.)

I began with some leftover 3" squares.
Leftovers make yummy quilts. ;)

I added star points and some nine patches in the corners.
I wanted to use just ONE fabric in the four corners...
but didn't have enough of any ONE piece.
The 9 patches worked....
they just took a bit longer. ;)

Get the idea I was trying to speed through this one???
yes.....I was.

I pulled out my 3" leftover squares again....
and added a thin little border.

Leftover blues cut in 6" wide segments were next.
Super simple. 

Then my Favorite way to GROW a quilt......Quickly....
10" piano key border!!!!
That added 20" whole inches!!!

My queen sized quilt top is complete!
It was easy! quilt it!

Oh yeah.....FIRST....I need to piece a back......;/


  1. Your star is great Beth! Seems we are 'kindred spirits' this morning with our stars and left over blocks pieces and parts! The only thing, I wish my top was finished too!

  2. Great colors and a terrific self round robin.

  3. Beth,
    i keep telling you, you are amazing......
    and...nice (sort of tut) solo round robin quilt.
    as always.....
    now you need to do the same kind of "tut" for how you create the backing for this gem...

  4. Great quilt top Beth!!!! Love how you made a round robin quilt all by yourself. The scrappy blues and other fabrics are fun together.

  5. I love it! What a great way to make a big quilt! :0)

  6. Very lovely, relaxing and inviting.

  7. It is amazing. When I try something like that, I get all caught up in the math and then it takes me longer to make up my mind than to actually do it!

  8. How pretty, Beth! You did a great job!!

  9. Wow, quick piecing a queen size quilt quickly! You used up scraps and pretty blues. I love it!

  10. FABULOUS! Love your blue RR quilt!
    Though belated: congrats on a great home-school mom job and a graduation!

  11. Yay!! Fast and beautiful!! I love the nine patches in the star corners, I'm glad you did those.

  12. Great quilt Beth! Its a lovely design and you can't go wrong with those blues.


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