Friday, June 1, 2012

Mostly Modern

This quilt began with a very MODERN idea.
Four Large Simple blocks using half square triangles.

Straight LINES.

I'm sorry to say the straight lines and I did not get along.
There was too much puckering...
and I wasn't liking it.
We parted ways YESTERDAY....
Thanks to my little seam ripper.

I ended up loop-de-looping...
a quilting pattern that's in my comfort zone. ;)

So.... I guess this quilt is a little LESS modern
than I had anticipated.

When I went "shopping" in my stash
for backing fabric.......
These pieces of fabric practically FELL OUT
of my cupboard TOGETHER!!!

More often than NOT.....
I have to DIG AROUND
for quite a while until I'm pleased with
the collection of pieces to use for the backing!

Except for the TIME SPENT UN-sewing...
I loved making this quilt!

Those BIG pieced triangles have me thinking.....
So many possibilities!!!!


  1. Your loops look great! Do you pin or spray baste? I have had fairly good look with spray basting and straight line quilting....but I am no expert in the area of machine quilting : )

  2. Elizabeth: I spray basted this time. I used a light weight 80/20 batting and that may have also been a factor....????

    1. I use cotton batting, very thin, so maybe that makes a difference.

  3. Oh Beth, I feel your pain. I too had the same straight line quilting you show, only mine was about a month of HAND quilting. I hated the puckered look and like you picked it all out and will be changing the batting inside and starting all over. I have photos that look similar to yours but have not posted about it yet!!

    I am sure you are sooooo much happier with your results now. I am happier with my project too! Sometimes a quilter has just gotta do what a quilter has to do.....get the seam ripper out!!!

    Great quilt!

  4. Beautiful! While I like the piecing the back just makes it - glad the fabric jumped out at you!

  5. I would have ripped it out too. was this with that walking foot? if so, ouch!

  6. Man, that was quick! Looks great!

  7. Love the back, too. Funny, the only machine quilting that I can manage is with a walking foot. This turned out really cool!

  8. I think you back is just perfect!! And the front very lovely!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Love those pieced triangles... and the backing is perfect. Did you use a walking foot for your straight lines? Ripping is not fun, but your piece looks great.


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