Friday, June 8, 2012

Window Office

This is where I work.
It isn't fancy.
There isn't a design wall...
but there's a pretty VIEW!
Roses, Lemons, hydrangeas.....

The fabric is not within reach...
It hides in closets and cupboards...under beds....
The Batting lives on the top bunk of my daughter's bed....
I have a VIEW!!!
I often spy hummingbirds and butterflies
flying around....Just outside the windows....
Thanks to my husband's beautiful garden!

Last year I borrowed my daughter's room while she was away at school.
It WAS nice to have a room that I could shut the door on....
It WAS nice to leave fabric laying about
in semi-organized piles....  :/

Maybe someday I'll have that luxury again...???

This is what's BEHIND me as I sew!!!
It's easy to ignore the kitchen mess IF I WANT to...
and ....
It's easy to stir dinner IF I NEED TO.... :)

One night this week...
I DIDN'T HAVE to cook!
My daughter made dinner for this quilt!!!

The quilt top was already finished.....
and had been folded up in my quilt top pile for a while now.

She needed a going away gift for a special friend.
We traded:
I quilted.
She cooked....

A delicious Dinner!!!
I had fabric for the backing...
It didn't take long to finish it up.

Now that it's quilted I really LOVE this quilt!!!
Amazing what quilting a quilt does for perspective.

I'd say she STILL owes me though.......
Maybe a couple more dinners...???


  1. Yummy colors and fun fabric for the border. I think she owes a few more dinners, but a nice trade. I have the same setup, fabric lives all over the house and sewing machine set up in the middle of the front room.

  2. I'd say she owes you a month of dinners! That is one beautiful quilt.... and you sew in the dining room? or at the kitchen table. Shame on me! I have a wonderful den way back in the last rooms of our house, with a door to shut away the mess. I leave the trimmings on the floor, there is a design wall. Only problem with the room is that it's hot in summer and cold in winter. There is a register, but the good air is misdirected. My view is a tangerine tree on one side, and through the outside back door I can see my cherry tree - birds, bees and occasionally a butterfly.
    You make so many beautiful quilts, without the sewing room amenities. You are amazing!

  3. Your studio with a window is perfect. It doesn't have to be big to create beautiful quilts, as you have shown us many times. I would rather be sewing than cooking, so I think the trade would be a regular thing for me ;)

  4. I agree a few more meals, and maybe some cleaning/dusting/mopping :)

  5. Beth: eu troco cozinhar para você por um quilt seu... grande negócio!!!

  6. I love your work space! Such a pretty view..... A great quilt, too, and sounds like an amazing daughter!!

  7. a nice view for sure! and oh, by the way, can I give you some dinner for a quilt? LOL it is beautiful! hmmmm lets see......whats your fancy? a nice steak dinner with wine? a comforting lasagna? huh? huh?

  8. I would trade anytime...nice atmosphere and very nice quilt!

  9. That view is worth not having a room with a door. Your quilt is beautiful, love the color. I have a college daughter, too. I never thought about trading a cooked dinner for favors. I'm going to use that!!

  10. That is a fabulous view. I'm jealous of your lemons and hummingbirds!

    I just GOT my own room and I can't believe how much more productive I am when I can leave piles of fabric around and just run up and sew a seam or two.

  11. Oh wow, I would LOVE to trade quilting for cooking dinner!! :)

  12. I LOVE this quilt, Beth---but when have you made on that I didn't love :D. I think I'll go pull some purples and greens. I do love this combo, such soft colors---perfect for lazing away cool rainy days...


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