Friday, September 3, 2010

today and yesterday.

A great fabric find!!!
An extra large wrap around skirt from the thrift store....
Love that place!!!
What do you think??? Will a linen/cotton blend work in a quilt?
I'm going to find out!

Lots going on at my dining room table!!!

First of all, I think I've discovered
a "soon to be famous" seamstress!!!
She made this skirt without a pattern....
with only a little help from me!

We talked about...
biases, the grain of the fabric, seam sizes, stitch length.....
Our conversation buzzed with
sewing terminology!!!

Then she began a simple quilt!!!
woo hoo!!!

This was the only scary part for me.
A rotary cutter in the hands of a 14 year old!!
I fussed a little bit....
and worried a little bit.....
and fussed JUST a little bit more. ;)
Can you guess what I was saying???
"Close the blade!"
She caught on real quick!!
I am SOOOO excited to see this young friend
begin her creative journey!!!

Another friend at the dining room table
clicked away.....

She's going to make a mate for this slipper.
It's HUGE!!
I guess that's what happens when you want to
felt with wool...
It's got to begin really....really.....big!!
I think her son's foot is pretty big too!!!
Jenn was working on a table topper.
She added a flannel backing and will
hopefully get to begin hand quilting with
embroidery floss real soon!
I was so happy to work away with these friends.
I am so thankful for these simple pleasures!!!


  1. It looks like you all had a great time!! I get to do that next weekend with my sewing buddies..... fun times!!

  2. Great fabric! Yes, linen/cotton will work well. You have my idea of heaven--friends at my place to sew.

  3. You have some great things going on over here Beth. I LOVE fabric in the first photo!!!
    I really enjoyed your previous post on quilting your circles.

  4. How fun; there's nothing like creating stuff with friends! Well done to your seamstress-in-the-bud friend; both the skirt and quilt are great projects.
    I think the cotton/linen blend will work very well; it looks lovely.

  5. Oh so creative--I better turn on my sewing machine right away


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