Friday, September 24, 2010

spray basting: 101

Some of you asked about my method of basting quilts last week.
I often pin the layers together....
but once in a while I cheat and use this.
I guess it's not cheating, is it?
This can is a relatively inexpensive brand of
basting spray.
I've heard that 505spray is the best option...
but I couldn't find it in my local shops.
I bought this instead.

The first thing to do is get your
quilt sandwich together!
Find a location for your operation!
Today, I used my dining room table and
moved the chairs
Out of the way!
I did not want that spray to get all over the place.
The spray tends to float onto things you
don't want it to float onto!
I could use my kitchen floor....
That's washable...
But my kitchen floor is not
clean enough today!
I made sure that my quilt covers my table.
I don't want to spray to get there either.
I'm set.

Fold half (or part of) the quilt top back.
Spray....onto your batting
no need to plaster it on there!
Now lay the quilt top section down and
smooth...... out.
Repeat on the other half, or section.
Now your quilt top is applied.
It's time for the backing.
Flip the quilt over.

Do the same thing to the back.
I always spray on the batting.and smooth as I go.
If there's a bubble just lift the
fabric and try smoothing again.
The adhesive does not act like

I am now ready to quilt a quilt!!!!


  1. Well, it looks much easier than all that pinning! I've always been afraid to try the spray for fear it would gum up my machine. I may have to try a small project and test it out. . .what a great tip!

  2. Oh great!! I have always wanted to try this....I have had some of that spray for quite a while now....someone told me it is especialy good to use for smaller projects. Thanks for the 'how to'!!

  3. I use that spray on all my quilts and love it!! As far as gumming up your machine, that particular brand won't, but if you go "off the reservation" you need to be sure that what you buy is labelled "sewable" or it will mess up your machine. I had a friend who used plain old spray adhesive and couldn't understand why her machine wasn't working properly! Rave hairspray is good for very small projects (potholders, coasters) but not if you have to roll and unroll the project to quilt it, as it is not repositionable.

  4. I was introduced to 505 by a quilting teacher - when i took a day course on machine quilting.
    [Only warning was to use it in ventilated area and NOT to get it on your floors.... it can destroy the finish.]
    I've been hooked since; i can't imagine running out of 505.
    Our quilt shop has sales that include this stuff at 50% off; that's reasonable. Walmart also carries it.
    I love it!!
    good tutorial beth... it's a perfect explanation!!

  5. I've never used that before, but will have to give it a go...

  6. First of all, I just found your blog and love it. =)

    Second... I have never used spray basting but have always wanted to try! It just didn't look like it would actually hold stuff together! I can't wait to try it. My husband will be excited too... he has managed to find a stray pin on the floor after I pinned layers together a few too many times... oops =)


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