Sunday, September 12, 2010


I never would have made this potholder
had it not been for a friend's comment.
(the back)

She said she really liked the fabric I
was using to bind this simple t-shirt quilt!
I couldn't resist!
I took all those little teeny tiny pieces left over
and made that potholder!
I love little projects like that!

I had some sample pieces of that colorful
fabric and pieced them all together for the binding.

Did you notice that back of this???
Well...You might not be able to tell from a photo...
but that's FAKE FUR!!!
I was dubious about using it for the back of this quilt,
But that's what was requested...
and you know what???
It worked!!
I did not use batting.
I thought it would be heavy enough for
Southern California weather without an extra layer.
I also used quilt basting spray before quilting it.
Worked like a charm!
And guess what??
I went as fast as my little machine could take me...
and quilted those straight lines with
the feed dogs DOWN and my painter's tape SECURED!!


  1. Wow! I love them both!! The potholder is adorable and I'm envious of your t-shirt quilt - I need to make one myself, but haven't had time! And I think the backing is perfect!! Great work!!

  2. Love the potholder. And the baking on the quilt -- I've never seen anyone use fake fur. That's pretty clever!

  3. I love the fake fur idea! Fun quilt and potholder.


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