Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Finishes

One charity quilt ready to go!!
And it is 100% scraps.
Isn't it a fun one?
I quilted long lines...
no marking....
red thread....
I like that word.

As I quilted
I tried to make
Confident lines,
since I knew they wouldn't be straight.

you're going to quilt lines that are NOT perfectly straight....
then, I think....they'd better be .....
I had a few hiccups.
In other words, They're not all
Some of the lines do not f-l-o-w.
You know what I mean, right?
Well, I'll practice some more and
maybe I'll improve in my
organic quilting abilities.

Scrappy Binding.

Scrappy back.

What a happy little quilt!!!

I also...
quilted this one.

It's queen size.
Pl-eeea-zze remind me
over and over again....
Queen size means:
So glad I was able to quilt this one
and say I'm done!

I used quilt basting spray again and didn't get
one pucker!!!

I had an awful time trying to find a backing
for this one.
Turquoise and brown must not be "IN" right now.

I finally found this one that worked just fine.
Oh yeah!
I was also looking for a good PRICE!
That's important too, huh?
Especially when you have to buy
8 YARDS!!!

What a busy week!!!

Maybe I'll put up my feet and watch a movie??
Begin that new baby quilt I want to make.

I'll add this to Amy's sew and tell.
Happy quilting!!!


  1. Both are so pretty! But I do especially like how that 2nd one turned out. Nothing like wrestling a queen-sized quilt through your machine, huh? :-)

  2. Love your confidents lines; and adore your new BIG quilt. You spray basted that size quilt -- no puckers? You the bomb!

  3. Love the scappy quilt with all those colors and how well it all looks! I am so impressed that you quilted a queen sized quilt!!! Congratulations!!!

  4. Love love the 1st quilt. I've spent 2 days sorting my scraps (again and again). Hope it's ok if I borrow your idea but no paper for me ... maybe muslin or nothing. The colors are so happy ... it's a great feel good quilt.

  5. Love the happy scrappy quilt. And you found the perfect back for the turquoise and brown. Two very wonderful finishes. Congrats!

  6. Love the scrappy quilt! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Those are great, that strappy strip quilt is wonderful. And you are the second one today who has raved about how great basting spray is. But once you put the batting down are you able to reposition it? and does this mean you don't have to use any safety pins? Sounds to good to be true.

  8. Your "organic" quilting is great, I wanna try confident quilting lines sometime, I just haven't yet. They are so modern-feeling, aren't they, Beth?
    I like the bricks and stepping stones, too. Your backing is perfect (especially if the price is right!!), and I see the brown and turquoise together quite a bit. But you know, when you need something, THAT is when it becomes scarce ~!

  9. Love 'em both! I had some "confidence" moments today on straight line quilting too - but it all worked out ok! And isn't spray basting wonderful! I love not having to use safety pins....

  10. wow! you cranked those out quickly!! love the scrappy!!!!

  11. Two great quilts Beth!! Someone is going to cherish your scrappy quilt. Love those browns and teals together. We have similar blog names, it's nice to meet you.

  12. Adore with a passion the scrappy quilt! Seriously love the are right, it is a very happy quilt!

  13. I, too, especially like the scrappy one and its back. I have tons of fabric bought over many years and I have taken to using any yardage I have bought in pieced backings. It does use up a lot of fabric.

  14. i am so in love with your first is so pretty. i have always thought about a scrap quilt but am afraid that the fabric scraps i have will look terrible together. how could they possibly turn out this gorgeous

  15. Beth, both your quilts are awesome! What a good feeling to make an entire quilt out of scraps...and for it to look this good! Your brown and turquoise quilt is lovely! Can't believe you had such a hard time finding those colors for a backing fabric...brown and turquoise are so in ;-) Great job on quilting it yourself. You should relax and put your feet up now ;-)

  16. I love them both, Beth but I'll have to admit I have a soft spot for scrappy quilts. With the scrappy binding it's just perfect!
    I too would have fed my guests icecream sandwiches and spent the day with happy sewers instead of grocery shopping and cooking; you've got to grab those perfect moments when they come by.-)

  17. Happy quilt says it all! Love it!

  18. love that scrappy quilt. I'd like to hear more about the spray basting - hadn't heard of it before and it sounds like it could be great.


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