Monday, September 13, 2010

plaid happy

My plaid scraps are very happy now.
They've found a home.
I suspect their new home will take them
on some adventures too!!!
I imagine that they will travel
far and wide...
exploring this great big wonderful world!!
This quilt was meant to travel!!!
It will be the kind of quilt that will
get loved to death!!!
I'm so looking forward to all the memories
it will embrace.
I'm calling this a finish...
but you know better.
You all know I still need to quilt it
to say it's really DONE!
I'm folding it up for now.
Maybe I'll gift it to someone during the holidays??
Maybe I'll wait until the spring....
when I'm dreaming about camping....??
Look at what happened while I was creating that
scrappy quilt top!!!
As I was trying to figure out
WHAT to do with all those campers
I made this.....
"Maybe the campers would like to travel
around these blocks....?"
But.....they didn't like it.
I now have the beginning of another project!!!


  1. Both of them look great, Beth! I saw those cute campers at my LQS last week and thought of you!

  2. Golly, I'm still on stripes. LOL They look great Beth.

  3. You do scrappy so well! I am always in awe......

  4. Very cute quilt! The combination of plaid and vehicles makes it perfect for a boy--little or big.

  5. Beth, these are two happy looking quilts!!! That camping/plaid quilt is so it!!

  6. You are really having fun with plaids! Love both of these quilts.

  7. Those quilts are so fabulous. I must make a trip to my local second hand shop for some nice cheap shirts so I can make my first quilt. What are some good quilting magazines? Thanks

  8. love the camping quilt! ...and the blocks that didn't make it ;)


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