Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My son and daughter-in-law needed bandanas.
I have fabric.
I love to make things for my kids.
So glad they asked.
While I made those bandanas,
I got to know a new friend.
Meet Frieda Foot Hemmer.
She is a joy to work with
but every time I began a side of one of those
bandanas I struggled a bit.
I will have to spend LOTS more time with
Frieda before I can say I'm
BEST FRIENDS with her.

I love the tiny hem she's able to make.

Have you met Frieda?

Are you still in touch?

I can think of some other projects she might be able to help me with!!


  1. I have a Frieda too, but we have a love-hate relationship. I agree that starting is the hardest part, and I have yet to come up with a reasonable way to do it! But it does make nice hems.....

  2. where did you find frieda.... is she a juki girl, or do other "shoes" fit the feet??


  3. I have a Frieda too and am sad to say that we are NOT friends! Attempted to use her on a satin prom gown for my step-daughter. First, she frayed the edge to bits and then sat and sipped tea while I burned my fingers making the narrow hem myself. Maybe someday we'll work it out...

  4. I love my Frieda too, but only the middle of her hems, not the beginning. I cannot start a hem in that thing either!


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