Wednesday, September 22, 2010

one man's trash

Is another "Man's" treasure...
or so the saying goes.
It came true today for me!!!
Look at those lovely little bits of fabric!
They came locked in a little bag.
Ooooh! They're tiny.
Oooooh! I love a challenge!
I made lots of half square triangles.

Didn't count them.
That's not my favorite sport.
Sewing is!!!

Lots of little tails were trimmed.

A little nine patch.

How many nine patches can I get???
That's a good question.

Since I don't count.

This one measures about 4 1/4"

I'm not going to stress about the size, etc.
since they're just scraps.

I'm having soooo much fun!!!
Thank you to the quilt fairy who dropped these
on the give away table...
Instead of dropping them into the


  1. Oh yes, a cute little quilt is much better than being put in the trash can. Looking forward to your spin on it.

  2. Hi Beth...I found some HST when cleaning up (moving around ! ! ) my sewing area...I knew that I saved them for the ideas are swimming in my head...thanks you are an inspiration...LindaB

  3. Hi again...the idea of putting your unwanted scrapes in a zippy bag and taking them to a meeting for a giveaway table is a good idea also...."sharing is caring" lets share it around and we will all have little treasures to play with...LindaB

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I may have to try something like that at one of our sewing meetings - a challenge of some sort to see what people can come up with! With prizes!!! Woohoo!!!

  5. one mans trash....indeed..
    how sweet!!


  6. I don't generally keep little pieces, but you've created magic before my eyes!!


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