Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink and Green

Here's the beginning of a baby quilt.
The block is called Quail's Nest.
I'm using some small pieces of fabric I found
after Digging in my piles.
I love these colors.

This block starts here.
4 half square triangles.
Mine are trimmed to 4".
I started with 2 sets of 4 1/2" squares: white and pink.
I drew a diagonal line down the middle.....
followed along to make two 1/4" seams.

Cut along my line.
Now I have four half square triangles.
Press open to the darker fabric.
Important step.
Trim the square to 4"

How big do you think that center square is?
Here are my strip sets.
Can you see the notes I tried to attach to the picture?
I didn't think so.
That's my first attempt at adding type to a picture!!!
Woo Hoo!!
I got it on there...
But it's way too small!!
The strips are as follows...for those of you who
cannot read that tiny, tiny print!
Pink strip is 2"x4"
green strip is 1 1/2"x4"
white strip is 1 1/2"x4"

Here it is!!!
When it's all together the block measures
Now I'm going to go make some more.
My goal:
12 blocks.
My purpose:
Baby quilt.
My dream:
Another quilt.
for a boy.
using blue and red!!!!


  1. Really cute. So how do you get text on your photos?

  2. Such a pretty quilt! It looks kind of like a churn dash block, but I like your name for it better! I need to make a couple of baby quilts soon - maybe I'll try this pattern - something new and different!

  3. Very cute - looks like it will be a lovely quilt for a baby. I'd take a nap with it. I could read your print when I clicked on the photo & it took me to the enlarged view. Appreciate the text in the blog too though. ;)

  4. very cute quilt and block. I love the charn dash anyway, these looks like another take on it. Love the colors too.

  5. I love this block--I had heard it called "monkey wrench." This looks like a good way to make it! Oh, and your colors are very cute.

  6. very nice! I was going to say churn dash as well! But the traditional blocks have a variety of names...I would love to know the story behind them. Cute!

  7. love this version of a churn dash. love the pink too!

  8. Really charming, love your color choices

  9. Very cute blocks! Thanks for the instructions!

  10. What a pretty (and easy) block. I love the pink.

  11. What a cute block and it will make a wonderful baby quilt!!

  12. This quilt is going to be so cute. Thanks for the tutorial on how to make this fun block.


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