Monday, September 27, 2010

where's the girl?

Would you believe it?
In my little network of friends and relations
there are some pregnancies right now.
When I began this quilt....
I didn't know what anyone was having....
Guess what they're having.
Where are all the little girl babies???
That's what I'd like to know!!!

This is a scrappy quilt.
I used JUST what I have on hand.
Which is kind of A LOT!!!
I still ran out of that bright green!!!

I used another green.
This quilt measures 40"x50"
A little bigger than my usual
baby quilt.
I may start making them bigger.
What is your perfect size when making
or using a
baby quilt???

I even used my stash for the back!!!
Woo Hoo!!!
How many more quilts can I make
before having to go buy more fabric???
I think.
I know!


  1. It's very pretty and will keep for that next girl that comes along. I just made a baby quilt and made it larger than usual too. It's 51X58. The 30X36 seem so tiny.

  2. You've been really busy lately! I love all your projects, including this pretty baby girl quilt. I'm sure you'll find the perfect recipient.

  3. Cute quilt...hopefully there will be a girl born sometime soon! i usually make baby quilts cot sized so they can use them as a play mat too.

  4. ...well, that's too funny about 'the boys'...but that is s-o-m-e cute one all finished up for when needed!!!

  5. Just so you know that there is no shortage on girls, my siblings and I are being showered with them. So far we have one boy and five girls with FOUR MORE girls on the way (and one unknown). Yup! 5 of 7 are currently expecting and I'm the only 'almost-mommy'. I have gotten really into sewing during my pregnancy and I hope I have the same drive after our little girl comes at the end of October. Thanks for your crafty inspiration and the fabric cravings it brings me! Let me know if your adorable baby girl quilts need a good home. :)

  6. This is so beautiful. I can't believe that they are all having boys! At least you will have this on hand in case the doctors are wrong. I have heard of a few cases that they make a mistake. I love your blog!

  7. I'm sure a girl will roll around sooner or later for that beauty! I usually make 36" square quilts for newborns, because they work well with carseats and for just carrying. Older babies get crib size quilts!

  8. Isn't that always- the way - I had a baby wrap made that suited a boy and my niece just had a girl-
    My kindergarten class has 16 boys and 7 girls- where are my little girls too- strange how that is sometimes..
    I make a baby wrap that uses just over a yard of material- it is a clover leaf shape and works great in car seats and when you need to wrap up a baby which one often does in this part of the world- especially the fall and winter months here.
    Love those pink and green fabrics and love the hole through the barn door/ churndash block- one of my favorites.
    Warmest regards,

  9. Oh I know you will find a home for the wonderful quilt soon Beth. I think it is a perfect size. I want to make a few preemie quilts for St. Mary's or Memorial. That should go fast, hey?

  10. How cute! I love your block choice and fabrics.
    my favorite size is about play pen, so maybe 45" square? They can take them in the car, stroller, bed, floor time, etc..


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