Thursday, September 30, 2010

proud quilt mama.

I'm a proud "quilt mama" today.
Jenn made not one...but two quilts.
One for the baby.
One for the baby's big sister's doll.
I love the simple pattern,
the stippling (how did she do that on her first try
of free motion quilting?),
and the scrappy binding.

Some musical fabric for a musical family.

The backs.
I'm so PROUD of my "quilt daughter".


  1. these are so beautiful. i can not believe these are her first go at quilting.

  2. You go, quilt mama!! It's always so exciting when they launch themselves out of the nest!!

  3. Terrific quilts! Looks like there's another generation of quilters in your family!

  4. Jenn did such a nice job, Beth! You're a very good teacher and should be proud of your "quilt daughter".

  5. Oh yummy, I see Tufted Tweets. What wonderful treasures! Nice free motion quilting and scrappy binding too. That's a favorite of mine. Beautifully done.