Friday, October 1, 2010

october first

History was made today.
I'm ready for Halloween!!!

The pumpkins usually don't come out until
the middle of October at my house.
I kind of drag my feet a bit...

Halloween is not my favorite holiday.
I don't know why...
Maybe it's all that unnecessary candy??
The kids love it, of course.

I just finished this table runner...
so I pulled out the pumpkins.
We're set.

Did you notice the quilt block?
Looks a lot different than this one, huh?

here's the candy without the calories
and cavities.
I think the kids will still clamour for the
real thing....don't you??

Then I also finished a little bag.
Not a success story...
I saw (from a distance) a bag that was made
using one of these measuring tapes instead of a zipper.
I thought:
"I'm going to go home and make one of those!"
Trying to reinvent the wheel is what I call this kind of thinking.
No pattern.
I didn't even look closely at the bag!!!
Silly girl.

I need a little bag with a clear front for
an upcoming trip.
My husband is taking me
on a trip to Israel.
Amazing...but true.
So I tried to make a bag.
The white card is blank....because.....
What am I going to use this little bag for???
I know what I'm NOT going to use it for.
I'll chalk this up to a creative adventure
that taught me some lessons.
1. My machine did NOT like that vinyl plastic. AT. ALL.
hence the hand sewing around the plastic.
2. I made it too big.
3. That white note card in there falls out...
so I guess that's not a good place for my I.D.
I'm going to the store today
to buy a small change purse
with a little window for my I.D.
Much simpler.

And I have a little bag
These are my
friday finishes for Amy's sew and tell friday!!


  1. these are really great finishes

  2. so cute. I love that table runner! i need to get busy on one too. Maybe if I start now it will be done by next halloween! haha.

  3. I really like your tablerunner, too. The entire tabletop display looks great!

  4. I just love your table runner and the Halloween display!

  5. I love your October tabletop!! So festive and fall!!

  6. The table runner is fabulous! Sew fails are not fun, are they? But at least you tried. :o) ID Advice: Take your ID out and try it in the window. I've found that most store-bought coin purses cover up a lot of my ID, and I end up having to take it out and show it. Visiting from Sew&Tell. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  7. Just got back from a Two Wacky Women Quilting Retreat and we all made those little snappy bags in a variety of sizes, shapes and they all turned out wonderful. One gal even made a handle and turned it into a darling envelope purse.

  8. Beth, I love your table runner! I'm not a big fan of Halloween either...don't know why. Those pumpkins are great on top of the runner. Your little bag is cute too, but again, I'm with you...I just go out and buy a cute Vera Bradley bag and save my time for making quilts ;-) When is your trip?


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