Friday, October 22, 2010

friday finish

You can't tell in the picture....
but it's not quite done.
I just need to hand stitch the binding down on the back.
It's the perfect activity for today...since I have a friend visiting.
You know.
The two things I love to do!!!

I love these table runners so much.
I may even make one for me!!!

I wondered what to use for the binding,
and let me tell you!!!
I found the perfect scrap!!!
I sure wish you could come over to my house and
get a good look and feel!!!
It a curious, old, cotton that has a little bit of
shine on one side.
Does anyone know what that old vintage shiny
cotton is called???
I had just enough for both table runners.
I think
It's the perfect color!!

You can see I machine quilted a few lines
and also
hand quilted a few lines with embroidery floss.

I'm so happy with these two little gifts.
A great way to end the week.

I'll add this to Amy's sew and tell...
I'm going to clean up.
I won't be able to sew and talk if my house is a mess!


  1. I wonder if it is what we used to call polished cotton? Love those runners.

  2. This is so pretty. They remind me of pomegranates. I like your combination of machine and hand quilting very much!

  3. Beautiful!! You hand stitching really adds a nice touch.

  4. Beautiful pomegranate runners...I just love the curved vines.

  5. They just look so elegant. The recipients are going to adore them.

  6. Gorgeous; I love the softspoken background and the bold applique together with the hand stitching! Have a wonderful weekend, Beth!

  7. They're beautiful, Beth! The applique is perfect, and your hand quilting adds the perfect finishing touch!

  8. Don't you love the pair of them? your strip background adds to the visual interest, and the running quilted stitch is so neat to the texture, you make me want to touch them! Is the "shiny" you are talking about what we used to call polished cotton...? You have another beautiful finish, here!

  9. Beautiful! I love everything about them, especially the hand stitched lines!!! Pomegranates are perfect for fall!

  10. just lovely. I've been meaning to combine hand and machine quilting in a project.

  11. Just popped in for the first time. Your blog is wonderful. This is one of the prettiest table runners I've seen. I'll be back.

  12. What a wonderful table runner! I'm sure your gifts will be loved!!

  13. As I said before, I love the table runnders and putting them together just shows off how well matched and even they are. I like to quilt with embroidery floss too. I was given a big pile of lots of different colours so love to rummage and choose the best colour to use whether contrasting or comlimenting.
    Teresa x

  14. These are lovely table runners! I love your applique and hand stitching. You definitely should make one (or more) for yourself!

  15. Very pretty! Love the combination of the machine and hand embroidery floss stitching.


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