Friday, October 15, 2010

tried and true

I made a quilt using this same pattern last year
and last week I was told again how much the quilt was
I decided that would be my pattern this week!!

I had been struggling with what to do with this
novelty fabric.
I had only 1/2 yard I wanted to use
but just couldn't decide how to use it
in a quilt!!
After that sweet comment I knew I'd use the same pattern
and it actually worked out perfectly!!
I have only a couple of little scraps left!!

I cut twelve 5" squares
and had a piece left over for the middle of the backing.
The rest of the fabric are just pieces that went along with
the novelty children's fabric
and, of course, the white.

This one measures 42"x42"

I made the quilt exactly the same.
No thinking required.
Just what I needed.

That last piece of novelty fabric was a little too short
so I added the white piece for the label.
I plan to give the new Mommy a pen to fill
in the important baby details on that label.

Baby quilts are
and cute.

Who could ask for more?
I'm adding this to Amy's sew and tell....
just in the nick of time!!!


  1. Beautiful! That's a great idea for some of the novelty fabric I've got hanging around! Thanks for sharing.....

  2. Beth, They are quick because you work really fast! I am amazed at how many quilts in many varieties you put out!
    Great use of novelty fabric for sure!

  3. this is so cute!! the pattern is simple but always looks stunning

  4. Adorable! That will be some lucky baby.

  5. I really LOVE this pattern... i see it occasionally and it's just simple and sweet!! it can be so different with each quilt - just by the fabric choices.
    Lovely!! as always

  6. This quilt is so cute and a great way to showcase a novelty fabric! I have some that I've had for years...too cute not to buy but then I never knew what to do with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. This is a great pattern for novelty fabric and makes an adorable baby quilt. Nice idea for the new Mum to fill in the label too.

  8. What a cute quilt! I'm afraid to try anything larger than a baby quilt for fear that it will never get finished. The label in the back for all the important info is such a good idea!

  9. Gorgeous Beth!! I quite agree - baby quilts are so satisfying!! :)


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