Monday, October 18, 2010

easy trees.

Since I already had the tree pieces leftover from
last year, these were a cinch to make.
I DID need a piece of fabric
BIG enough to fill in the background.
Oh good.
I had it!!!!
That's what a stash is for.
When the inspiration comes...
I'm ready!!!

I began with a square piece of newspaper that I thought would
be big enough. I didn't measure...but I tried to make sure it's square.
That'll make it easier to put the quilt together...
don't ya think??
Drew some lines.
Figured out how long I wanted that tree trunk.

Figured out about how big that triangle is.
Then all I had to do was use this as my pattern.

As I added pieces I tried to fudge and make the blocks
a little bit bigger than my paper pattern.
I did not stress about it being perfectly square.
I will just have to square the blocks UP...I mean DOWN... when I'm done!

Super simple.
Not complicated at all.

Now....I've got to think!
Should I use black in those outside corners???



  1. Yes, I vote for the black. Looks great Beth.

  2. I love the trees, thanks for the inspiration

  3. Its really cute! I vote for black in the corners too.

  4. I'd like to see what it looks like with the same green background in those empty spaces!

  5. I like the black as it repeats the base shape and color. These are so fun!

  6. Smart girl! I'd probably go with a deep forest green in the corners, but that's just me. Your black looks great too!

  7. Great trees! Black or green are both worth an audition!

  8. This is really fun. And a new design, all your own! I love the black and white addition.

  9. yeh! for IMPROV! they look great! what fun!!!

  10. What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing you method.


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