Thursday, October 14, 2010

while I was gone.

While I was away
I received some mail.
Lovely mail.
Quilt mail.
The best kind.
My pile of bee blocks is growing...
and I'm getting excited!!!
Can't wait until they're all in and I can begin the
putting together process!!
I've also REALLY enjoyed seeing the little scraps
that my bee friends have been including in the blocks.
Thank you.
Those little triangles mean a lot! ;)
While I was away
I made ONE of these.
Only one!!!!
Guess that traveling and quilting do not go together very well.
At least not for me.

But LOOK at what I found during my trip!!
A centuries old pattern that is probably one of the
older examples of my quilt design!
Who knows?
Maybe it's THE oldest one???
I found this mosaic at the Israel Museum in

While I was away
I got to meet one of my blog friends, Miri.
Quilters are the best!!


  1. Welcome back! You've been missed!!

  2. glad you had a great trip...i love to find quilt patterns in random out and about places.

  3. What wonderful serendipity to find that mosaic. I'm sure it was an inspiring trip all around.

  4. I'm so flad you had a good trip. Hope to hear more. Missed you last night.


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