Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I knew it!!

I caved in and bought some fun camping fabric.
I'm using plaid scraps that have just been
for an opportunity to be included in a quilt!!!

I knew those scraps would come in handy someday!!
Striped challenge friends:
Thanks for playing along with me this summer!!
Please continue to add pictures to our flickr group!!
That's one link that will NOT go away!!!


  1. OK Beth, that has to be the cutest camping fabric ever!!!!! Makes me want to go camping just so I can justify this adorable fabric. Those plaid scraps are perfect. Love your new sewing space. Your circles on the striped quilt ARE perfect! Way to go!

  2. That is one adorable quilt!!! Where did you find that fabric??

  3. This is going to be a wonderful quilt. I love the camping fabric and the plaids are perfect.

  4. Very cute and perfect with the scrap plaids!

  5. I love the camping fabric. It looks fantastic with the plaids. :)

  6. eek - my son would love that quilt, it's so CUTE! Where did you find that camping fabric?

  7. So cute! Those plaids really are perfect!

  8. this camping fabric is one of my favorites. I love what you are doing with yours. It is going to be the cutest camping quilt.


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