Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Almost every Wednesday morning I go to a quilt class.
Today there was so much inspiration...
I need want to show you LOTS of pictures!!!

Don't you love the way the courthouse steps above
moves it's color through the color wheel???

And this log cabin with the black!
Love it!
The teacher has been focusing on the log cabin block...
so you can see that's the basis for many of these quilts today.

Most of these quilts are IN PROGRESS.
See those little appliqued pictures on there???

These houses are going to be on top of that green log cabin.
I love that tree!

And here's a great beginning to a quilt
going to a wounded soldier.

Lots of pretty triangles!!!

Here's one of my favorite magazines!

And here's the beginning of that quilt on the cover!!!
Isn't it great?
You can tell a needle turn expert is working on this one!

Wool. wool. wool.
Wonderful wool.
(notice the magnetic needle holder-dog in the upper right corner.
Have you ever seen one of these??
Me neither....until today) ;)

Scrappy. lovely. quilt.
I especially like the border that matches so nicely with
the center of those wonky log cabins!

A quilted butterfly!!!

Dear Jane in applique!
I didn't know you could do that!!???

I DID need to show you all that didn't I????
What an amazing morning!!!

I know you're all working on amazing quilts too...
and I love seeing them on my computer screen.
It's soooo nice to see beauty in "Real life".
Don't you think??

Don't forget the giveaway here.
I'll be drawing winners on Friday!!


  1. Always so inspiring to see so many quilts.. makes you want to go right home and sew!

  2. I just love seeing log cabin quilts. The variations are just wonderful - the black just makes these stand out. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of some fantabulous quilts.

  3. Thanks for sharing all that eye candy, Beth!

  4. You are very lucky to have a weekly class... oh, how I envy you! Quilting friends and lots of inspiration... thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the lovely show...log cabins are my favorite!

    I thought the dog was appliqued!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. There is nothing like a class full of quilters and ideas and fabric! What a treat. I am heading off to a class tomorrow myself. Great pics.

  7. So many stunning quilts!! I love my classes for inspiration , everyone has such different tastes!

  8. Thanks for sharing all your pretty eye candy - it is nice to see it in person, but I'll have to settle for seeing it through your camera lens!

  9. great show and tell - thanks! Looks like fun project there


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