Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is now one of my "GO TO" patterns
 when I need to give a simple gift.
My friend likes green.
Green it is!!!!
It's so simple....
And so lovely.
I have a little tutorial here.

This time I had the perfect backing.
Heavy weight remnant
left over from someone's redecorating.

Look at that!
It's even been scotchguarded!!
Perfect for a busy table, huh?

Putting right sides together I stitched around...
Leaving an opening to turn it right side out!!!
NO batting.
Just that heavy weight fabric for the backing.
In the past I've also used flannel.

I did some topstitching/quilting lines
Using a larger stitch length!!!

Ta Da!!!
Have a happy Tuesday!
Hope you get to sew even just a little bit!
It'll do you good.
It might do someone else some good too!!


  1. I love green too! Cute runner! Hope to stat seeing some GREEN around here... tired of snow white!

  2. I love the disappearing 4 patch too! Great quick gift!

  3. How lovely the table runner is! I'm loving that disappearing 4-patch block....

  4. I'm tyring to fit in some sewing time today. Love your runner. Tis pretty.

  5. You've got the 4-patch blitz going! Runners are sew easy and add just the right little zing of color and decor. I'm working on a split 9-patch today.

  6. We call that method "birthing" the quilt LOL. Love the 4 patches.

  7. Pretty, quick, Spring-like! What more could you want?

  8. I have the hardest time getting my edges nice when I pillowcase a top. So I usually just put on a binding

  9. What a great idea. I even have some heavier weight fabric hanging around in my stash. I want to start making a few table runners right away.

  10. That's my favorite way of finishing table runners; no bindings or anything. The runner looks great!

  11. Lovely! It says "spring" to me, music to my ears!

  12. Its a great pattern Beth. Your table runner looks great. Love how you used heavy weight for backing and there is no batting or binding. It would definitely be a great speedy project.

  13. I love quick and simple projects! Yours is lovely!

  14. What a cute project. Good idea using the heavier weight for backing. Always glad to save a little time.


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