Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another D4P

Who knew....
Who knew that yesterday when I posted about my
disappearing four patch someone else was getting ready
to post about hers????
Sara took the humble D4P to greater heights!!!
I saw her post this morning and KNEW I had to try it out!

Here's my rendition of a wonky D4patch:

I made two matching 4 patches (using 6" squares again),
laid them on top of each other
making sure opposite squares were on top of each other.

Then I did some cutting.
4 lines going this way and that!!

I laid out two blocks.
This is just like a puzzle!!!!

I did some sewing.

OOPS!!!  :/
I also did some ripping.

Before I knew it I had 16 blocks!!!!

Thank you Sara for your inspiration!
Thank you Blogland for sewing friends!
Thank you stripes for being so energetic today!!!


  1. That is SO cool! As soon as I finish up the current WIP, I'm gonna try this...

    Thanks for posting!

  2. that looks fun......wonky is so light- hearted it sets my creative juices free!

    Nice fabric choices!

    Happy Sewing

  3. Well, now, how clever is that?!

  4. That is very interresting. And, very fun. Love the stripes.

  5. What a great variation on this block. The wonky cuts really add vitality.

  6. So much fun for me to read that you got an idea from my blog!

    Isn't it so true that we are all inspired by one another. Always getting good ideas from other quilters!

  7. It's really graphic, and striking! I like it!

  8. Great block, Beth! I like the way it forms crosses.

  9. Ooh, I really like these blocks. Love the fresh colors; too.

  10. Oh just FINE Beth! I'm just getting ready to start on my first disappearing NINE patch, and NOW you show me something ELSE to make disappear! LOL
    I think these wonky D4P blocks are terrific!

  11. Oh wow, both of your Disappearing 4-Patch projects are wonderful! I love that you and Sara were playing off each other. And I LOVE the wonky! What fun! Now I have to go try one too, just because.

  12. Great quilt! Love the wonky cuts and the stripes.

  13. Fantastic! I love when an 'ordinary' block turns out extraordinary.

  14. What a fun trick! I must try this, that's a great affect!

  15. The stripes look fabulous with your wonky block.

  16. Excellent idea - and the stripes work so well!

  17. You start with 6" squares but after you cut them and sew them and square them up- what size are they? I made one and it's not square but rectangle.

  18. LindieLee: You're comment is set to no-reply, so I will try to respond here. I squared my blocks up to 10" after cutting and sewing the D4patch together. Hope that helps. ;)

  19. I love this!!! One of these days I'm going to make one too! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. I have been making some awesome table runners with this pattern... I hope you don't mind that I pinned this tutorial on Pinterest for future reference.


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