Monday, February 14, 2011

something from nothing

A new music bag.

for. me.

Made from nothings:
Little pieces of decorator samples
and other little bits and pieces.

Inside linen leftover from my Christmas quilt.

You KNOW I love to make 

Now Here's something that's NOT from nothing.....

Blackbottom Cupcakes.

This recipe's an OLD, OLD favorite.
It goes WAY back to when I began dating my husband!!
Of course...
I had to make them TODAY!!!
It being valentine's day and all.

*1 pkg. Devils food cake mix.

Prepare cake mix according to package directions.
Fill cupcake papers 1/3 full with mixture.
In separate bowl mix together:

*1 (8 oz) pkg. cream cheese
*1 egg
*1/2 C. sugar
* 1 C. chocolate chips

 Drop a small spoonfull of this on each cupcake.

Bake according to cake mix instructions.

Try NOT to eat them all before your husband
gets home from work!!!!!


  1. OOH, yeah, I might have to polish off the cupcakes asap... they look really good... ;-)
    love the something from nothing bag!

  2. Don't you just love it when you can make something for nothing. Love that bag. Cupcakes look mighty good too!!

  3. I love the bag. The embroidered flower piece is beautiful and it looks like the whole bag flows around this piece. I love these kinds of challenges.

  4. Great bag Beth and that is exactly the same recipe that is a hit at our house!! Easy and good!

  5. I feel so free to create with those little leftover scraps, no loss if it doesn't work out, but the project usually becomes a favorite!

  6. Great bag Beth. But, I'm not looking at those cupcakes.

  7. Beautiful bag, and it does feel so good to take "nothing" and make something useful and beautiful! Good for you.

    Thanks for the yummy recipe!

  8. Love the B&W, and yes it is fun to make things from leftovers! Got your book in the mail today, haven't got a chance to look but hope to soon. Thanks again!

  9. I made black-bottom cupcakes yesterday, too! What a coincidence. They are SOO good! (and Jacob liked them)

  10. cute bag! Love that yellow lining.
    thanks for the recipe, it looks yummy!

  11. Great bag! I love those something-from-nothing projects.

  12. Yup, I love that bag and I love that it's made out of bits and pieces of this and that although it doesn't have that look at all. It looks expensive to me!


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