Thursday, February 17, 2011

a village grows

Remember this quilt???

The new owner wanted it to be twin size....

so it had to grow...
 I added a simple border today.
I'm so happy this quilt found a good home!!!
It's going to a lady who has been "looking out"
for my friend's college age daughter in far away Austria!!
(This even involved trips to the doctor!!)

She wants to give her a nice thank you gift.
I'm so pleased she chose this quilt!!!!

Now just take a look at the fabric I found for the backing!!!
Alexander Henry.
Mmmm...I don't usually brag about brands...
but this one is so  nice!!
You can tell it's QUALITY fabric.
Plus....The color and design JUST FIT this quilt to a "T".

I've now got a backlog of quilts to quilt!!!!
Should I read more blogs...
Make comments on blogs.....
Make comments on comments.....
Do the right thing...and.....

I'm linking up with sarah today!
It's fun to cheer each other on!


  1. What a wonderful thank you gift! It sort of reinforces the whole "it takes a village to raise a child"? That backing is fun..and just perfect! :)

  2. Love the border you added! And the backing is perfect for your village! So are you quilting? Or blogging? Hahaha!

  3. I love it. And, BTW, Alexander Henry is my fabirc Soulmate.

  4. What a perfect gift. THe backing is fantastic for your village quilt. = Go quilt girl, the computer will always be there.

  5. I just love House Blocks so think the quilt is gorgeous. Great backing fabric too. So pleased the quilt is going to a good home.

  6. Oh Beth, I L.O.V.E. What you did with my houses, I couldn't believe they were the same ones - thank you for turning my abandoned project into something awesome!

  7. I do remember this quilt, and it "grew" very nicely with the added borders. Lovely gift, it will be treasured. And that backing fabric... perfect!

  8. Whoop-whoop! What a GREAT quilt! I'm glad it found a wonderful home.

  9. Oh, I love it! That back fabric is so nice.

  10. Great-looking border (and the rest of the quilt too, of course)! I like AH fabric, so you can talk all you want about it! :)

  11. I really like the diamonds in the border! And the backing looks great!

  12. I love this quilt, Beth - and that backing is fabulous!! He does design such neat fabric..... Thanks for linking up! Whoop whoop!!

  13. There's nothing I don't like about this! (Was that a double negative?) The border is awesome!


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