Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Donation Duo

My goal:
One DONATION quilt a month.
You know what???
I don't always meet my goal....
But THIS MONTH I did....
Maybe I'll give myself extra points for being early too!!!

It all started with these strips given to me...
Already sewn together!!!!

I circled a square of frogs with some of these
Piano key strips.
(I trimmed them to 6" wide.)

Then I circled a rectangle of frogs!!!

A 6" border of scrappy GREEN!!
bright. bright. bright. Right???

Some extra borders....and

Guess what???
I have only little tiny tiny pieces of those piano key strips left!

Two little cuddly quilts.
Aaaah.....But they're not Cuddly yet...are they???

I'd better do some quilting!!!


  1. they both look great and happy! we're about to draw that winner on the basics quilts yippeee!

  2. Hi!!!
    It is wonderful of you to make these and donate them!!! Give yourself lots of points!!!
    They are so cute!!! hugs

  3. Those are adorable, Beth! Great job! I'm trying to get a linky party going for charity projects over at my blog, so feel free to link up! I thought it would be a fun way to share charity info and give people new ideas.

  4. Thanks for sharing such cheerful quilts! I love all that green!!

  5. Cheerful is right... the quilts made me smile big! You did a wonderful job! Congratulations!

  6. So cute and so generous of you Beth.

  7. That is the goal I set for myself this year also. Good for you, 2 at once. I love the lime. I try to include some in every quilt if I can.

  8. Wow, what a great goal! A little someone will love to snuggle with a bright quilt. ;)

  9. Some fortunate individual will love receiving these. If we added up all the donation quilts quilters have made... oh my, the total would be huge! One a month is a great goal.

  10. Cute! And very boy-ish looking. Good on you for being so generous with your time.

  11. I'm giving you a million extra points! Wow, just wow. I'm impressed. Great looking quilts too! (PS We're following now too :)

  12. You're amazing, Beth; what a great goal!


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