Saturday, March 26, 2011

musical chairs

Remember the game called Musical chairs??
That's what I've been playing over here...
except it's called

I work on one a little.....
and then work on another one a little....
and on and on it goes.....

This quilt really IS musical!!!
It began with that ONE little piece of fabric in the middle.
Can you see all the instruments???
It's going to be a GREAT
RAFFLE quilt
for a middle school band teacher I'm friends with.

I was even able to add some little tiny stars.
I'm sort of attached to little stars these days!

This one is pieced.....
Ready to be quilted!!!

Then there are your blocks for Japan.
 I sew a little on these...

I quilt some donation quilts for a while...
Next up:
Binding on these guys.

Musical quilts.
I'm humming along as I work!!


  1. Black and white with red quilts are so striking!

  2. That will be an awesome raffle quilt. Musical quilts actually sounds like more fun than musical chairs these days.

  3. Keeps the boredom at bay. I found a couple more blocks I forgot to include. I get them to you.

  4. That's the way I like to work - a little here, a little there. It all stays fresh and eventually they all get done. I love the b/w/r musical quilt - the way all those blocks are coming together for Japan - whimsy frogs -- it all looks like fun musical chairs

  5. I love the black and White and red combo

  6. Fun! The Star is looking great. How big are the quilts for Japan?

  7. All your quilts look great, Beth! You're putting me to shame this week - keep up the good work!!

  8. I do the same thing - I love hopping from one project to another - makes me feel productive or something - LOL! The star quilt looks great - those little stars are a great touch. I hope the raffle is very successful!

  9. Is there a more delightful way to spend your time? If there is.... I don't how!

    Happy Sewing

  10. Musical quilts sounds so much more fun than musical chairs!


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