Monday, March 14, 2011

donation day!

Sometimes A quilt has a mind of it's own.
This one sure did!!

This is my MARCH donation quilt.
My goal: One quilt a month.

(Anyone notice I'm still stuck on stars???)
Not really a bad thing to be stuck on....
I DO know how to get in a rut though...
don't I????

I began with this orphan block and surrounded it with some scraps.
It measured 16"x16" when I was done.

I cut FOUR squares 9" x 9" out of some
patriotic fabric given to me long ago.

Added a white square.
Drew a diagonal line down the middle....

Sewed TWO seams next to that line and cut it down the middle.

I now had EIGHT of these Measuring 8 1/2"x 8 1/2"
Here they are.
Of course, I had to add cream corner squares too!! ;)
After finishing that star
 I went looking for a border.
Thinking I would put some 9 patches in the corners...
I dug through my 3" bag of squares....
and made some 9 patches!!!
I had meant to put the dark blues where the whites are!!!
I WAS GOING to put TWO rows of red sashing
with a white strip between.

Guess this quilt KNEW where it wanted to go.
I went with it.

I made four more 9 patches....

Don't they look nice in two little rows??
Guess they thought they'd be lonely in the corners alone!!!
I'm so happy I was LISTENING to this quilt.
I LOVE it...
just the way it is!


  1. Sometimes we overthink a quilt - going with the flow results in some lovely things. Great donation quilt.

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  3. I love it too! I know the recipient will love it more!

  4. It's just beautiful, Beth! Good listening!!!

  5. This turned out so well! Thanks for doing the donation quilts.. you have inspired me to make more as well. I'm not aiming for one a month, but am aiming to reduce the fabric piles by color. So one donation quilt for each color family I think.

  6. This is wonderful! Aren't you glad you listened? I LOVE your border!

  7. Great job! The border is divine!!!

  8. I was laying in bed thinking about a UFO that had got stuck with a centre square that I couldn't think how to add to it ... thanks for this inspirationM

  9. well it made its mind up well... didn't it... cause it's GrEaT! Well done quilt!

  10. Beautiful Beth. You're my inspiration :o)

  11. I LOVE your idea of one donation quilt a month. That is a great goal. What a nice quilt to give too!

  12. That is a fantastic quilt -- I love the borders!

  13. a quilt a month! that is so generous and wonderful of you!


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