Sunday, March 6, 2011

red and white

Here's a red and white quilt I'm adding to Taryn's
red and white quilt show.

It's just a simple "around the world" pattern,
but, I like it very much!
Red and White seems to make ANY pattern striking!

I gave it to a friend who's been
"looking out" for my daughter in Georgia.
My daughter's there attending college and I'm way over here
in California!!
You may remember me blogging about it here.

I think this is where the quilt lives most of the time....

But when it gets chilly....
It fits right on top!!!!

I love giving quilts away...
And I love knowing they're getting used!!!


  1. Echoing earlier comment... love the scalloped border!

  2. Red and white quilts are always so striking. Yours is no exception.

  3. Stunning.... LOVE the scalloped edge!

    I think I have a red and white quilt in me somewhere down the road...

  4. Suchh a wonderful quilt. I love the scalloped edge too. Was it hard to get it so even? It looks perfect.

  5. That is a great quilt! I love how the large white border frames the red squares. Great edge design too. Did you find the scallops difficult to bind? And to think, you gave it away! Thanks for sharing it for the online exhibition.

  6. Love the scalloped edge. And agree, the white border makes the design just float so delicately. I bopped over to see the other red/white quilts - just lovely. Our guild is traveling down by bus to see the American Folk Art Musem in NYC, "Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts." I don't do those long hauls anymore, so will sadly miss this - but sure the gals will bring back lots of photos and goodies (hitting 2 shops on the way home).

  7. Your quilt is just adorable. My favorite color is red so it is especially comforting to me. I love the scallops an have made one quilt using them. I enjoy the look of the scalloped edge. Have fun quiltint whatever it may be........I sure do.

  8. Wonderful quilt that anyone would treasure Beth.

  9. Oh, but that is beautiful!!! I am sure it is well loved.

  10. Oooh, another one that makes me want to go sew right now. But it's bedtime. And I'm tired. But there's always tomorrow. This really is pretty!

  11. Its a great quilt. Its hard to beat a red and white quilt.

  12. Red and white like black and white ALWAYS looks stunning! Well done!

  13. I checked out Taryn's site...yours was my favourite!

  14. I love Taryn's Red and White Quilt Show and am so very much enjoying visiting everyone's blogs who participated! The choice of such a simple pattern but done in Red and White is very eye-cathcing! And the addition of the scalloped border edged in red really makes it "eye-irresistable"! What a lucky friend! Quilt History Reports at