Monday, March 28, 2011

Soft lavender

My friend, who ordered this for her friend, said....
"It's JUST right."
Oh good!

I struggled a bit with the lavender....
But....she knew what she wanted...
and this is it!!!

I did find the perfect backing and gingham binding....
Don't ya' think??

This quilt will be cuddling soon...
with a Mom who's very ill....
sitting right next to her children...
Reading a book!
I need to speed it on it's way.....


  1. This turned out lovely Beth. Lavender is a healing source, so your lavender quilt hopefully will do this for Mom.

  2. It did turn out lovely and I am sure that it will be well loved and appreciated.

  3. I love this lavender blanket! you did a good job on this! :)I'm sure the baby's mother will love this! GREAT COLORS!

  4. that gingham binding is my favorite looks so pretty

  5. It's beautiful, Beth! You did a great job with the colors - the blue is such a nice touch!!

  6. The lavender quilt turned out just lovely and I'm sure will bring a lot of comfort to the recipient!

  7. I can almost smell the beautiful aroma of Lavender from your quilt. It is a gentle beautiful gift for someone who is ill. Well done.

  8. Soft and inviting.. and headed for a good use. Hope it brings much comfort. That backing is ideal!

  9. Beautiful! I know it will be loved and cherished!

  10. It looks so soft and comforting, Beth, just what a quilt should do. I hope she's better soon ~

  11. I think it's very pretty, and spring-like. We all need that!!!

  12. See, not so bad after all! I didn't like the latest t-shirt/photo memory quilt that I did at all. The colors/fabric did not match...but I had to get past the fact that it's not about what I like. I am glad that your lavender quilt is perfect for the recipient!

  13. Very beautiful!!! I'm sure it will give great comfort and love.

  14. Ooooh Beth, I LOVE the Lavender!! Just beautiful to my eyes. :)


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