Monday, March 21, 2011


My friend asked me to make a quilt for her friend who is ill.
A LAVENDeR quilt.
I've got lots of lavender inspiration in my garden.

It's really my HUSBAND's garden.
I just get to enjoy the Fruit of his labors!!!

I get to look at this outside my kitchen window every morning!!!

Lots of inspiration out there!!!

NOT in my fabric cupboard.
These are pretty....but...
 kind of blah...I think.
There's not a lot of singing going on in this fabric..
IS there???

That's better.
I went shopping and found this.
This fabric is singing MY kind of song!!!


I'm still getting comments with a NO REPLY setting.
That's O.K.....
Unless you need my address to send a quilt block!!! ;)

If you didn't get my address via email...
That means....
You're a NO REPLY blogger.
I couldn't send it to you!!

Great news!!
I think we've got lots of blocks coming in the mail.


  1. Hi there, I have a group of ladies who would love to make some blocks. However we get together on April 2 to sew together. That means I would not be able to mail the blocks until the 4th but we are in arizona so you would get them quickly. If that works for ya you can send me your address to thanks

  2. oooOOOOoooo! I cannot wait to see your lavender quilt finished. I am a lavender (all shades of purple!) lover and would like to make a quilt in that color way for my bedroom.

  3. I sent my 4 blocks out this morning. I am very lacking in lavenders, purples - not my colour. If asked, I would have to really shop.

  4. I love your Kaffe lavender fabric- It is one of my favorite fabrics that he designed. I am sure it will make a fantastic quilt.
    Your husband's flowers are gorgeous too.

  5. Oh that kaffe fabric is just delicious!
    Now what pattern are you going to make?

    My four blocks are going out in the morning mail.

    Happy Sewing and many blessings for making the quilt to donate to those in need.
    I am picking out which ones I'll send.

  6. I am allergic to lavender but I love the color. This will be a great quilt!

  7. Your purple flowers are gorgeous - I'm soooo craving spring here!
    that Kaffe is a great fabric, have fun designing the quilt.

  8. Beth: 2 blocks for Japan go out to you today! :) Nancy

  9. I agree those colors are kindof blah, but not if you paired them with some crisp white, and/or maybe a little yellow? You could actually make a large quilt with those all working as the same fabric, since they are so close. Can't wait to see what you do!