Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I like to make little things for birthdays...
You know me by now...
I like to make things...period.

It's fun to give "little somethings" to friends.
THIS TIME it was the PERFECT gift....
Using the PERFECT fabric!!!

I've been saving this little scrap of Coca Cola fabric for a long time.
Three years??? maybe.
I knew EXACTLY who would be getting something
made with it!

I just had a little tiny piece.
Just enough for this bag.
In fact....the size of fabric dictated the size of the bag!!

My friend recently had one of those BIG birthdays.
You know the kind...
The kind of birthday that's a milestone!!!
The kind of birthday that gets you a BIG party!!!
I had the PERFECT fabric to make a gift
A Coca Cola lover.
A Coca Cola collector.
The wife of a Coca Cola truck driver.

 Someday came...
And I'm so happy I was able to dig around
and FIND this lovely bit of
Perfect fabric!!!


  1. What a great gift - the perfect gift as you put it - for a special occassion. I have a few "waiting' fabrics too. I should go re-pet them and see if their perfect time has come.

  2. I'm sure the birthday girl loved her Coca Cola bag! What a great gift...

  3. What a lovely sentiment going with a fantastic bag! Well done! :)

  4. Perfect bag for a Coca Cola fan! I think you could fit a lot of fun stuff in there....


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