Saturday, March 12, 2011

seeing stars.

You know me.
I couldn't stop making stars yesterday.
I made some for Moda...

I started a NEW project basket.
I guess you could say....
"One good thing leads to another".

I'm NOT short on scraps.

And these tiny little buggers are not going to make a dent.
I know.
They are sooo tiny.
These blocks use the size of scraps that many people throw away!!
1 1/2" squares!!!

 I HAD to try making these tiny stars.
They have a finished size of 3"x3".

I didn't know I could make a quilt block
THAT small!!!

I found out....

Please don't scare me
with the MATH
How many of these it takes to make a quilt.
I just want to bask in their beauty!


  1. I like the bright-colored scrappy stars very much... great job!

  2. Very pretty! Would be nice in a table runner, doll quilt, or even bed quilt. Bed quilt would be awesome but probably take me a year! =)

  3. Love the tiny star blocks.
    I know what you mean when you say "one good thing leads to another" My DD always says it like the song "There's a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza" LOL. You never get to the end.

  4. How fun - can I come and play? I love tiny and yes, I save those 1.5" squares. I will have to try some of these - but first to finish the monochromatic quilt.

  5. Love your little stars! I love little pieces, and save anything 3/4 inch or over. Look what dynamite creations can be made of them!

  6. I love your stars. I just started making wonky stars for a swap (have done some that finish between 3" and 12"). I did the centre and points all the same color as all the ones I saw up til now, I did not care for. However, I really like how those ones go together. What do you do with the open or to one side?

  7. How many? Well, it depends on how big the quilt is, right?

  8. They are so pretty! And they'd make beautiful pincushions.....

  9. there's just something about using white with colours..... and you've done it so well!!
    math??? what math??? bask away!!!

  10. Well, aren't those cute, and such bright colors

  11. I am basking with you in their beauty. So sweet and definitely my fav star to make!!!! Your tiny guys make me want to run away from work and play with my own scraps!!!

  12. these are adorable - love 'em. bright happy and fun. love the size!

  13. These are lovely! My fav. size of scrap to use is a 1.5" square! I've made stars all the way down to about 1" total (a bit over 1/4" each segment) It's a fun challenge. I'd like to see what you use yours for!! I think they're great where ever you put them!