Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm pin basting today.
I don't know about you...
but at my house there's a limit:
TWO quilts.

I have ONLY enough pins for two.

I pinned this one first...
and really didn't want to stop and quilt!

There are WAY too many quilts
spinning around in my head!!!

I'll have to begin quilting...
take a little trip to YOU know WHERE!!!...
(to buy pins)
The problem with
"YOU know WHERE"
is the fabric that beckons from the shelf!!!!


  1. I think I would probably have started quilting to avoid getting sucked into the quilting fantasy land. You never know what happens there...
    Love the scrappy log cabin blocks!!

  2. They are both totally beautiful. I'm naughty, I've started another before I've quilted the previous. I have bought the 505 spray and will baste it this week and get it quilted before Easter! Happy Quilting xxx

  3. Or, buy more pins???

    Beautiful quilts!!!

    fyi, I finished Sonoma Rose + planning to Give my copy away --- probably post on the 5th, drawing on the 10th. Thanks again for offering the book. I totally enjoyed it ; )

  4. Early on in my quilting I found myself in this position and actually unpinned a quilt. More recently I tried using straight pins, desperite times, desperite measures. Way too painful to try that again. I now own enough pins for 3 medium tops. Good luck to you and the trip you know where.

  5. There is never enough time for everything, is there? Have fun quilting.

  6. I tried pinning once but the pins marked up my lean table that goes around my machine. I hate hand basting! Both quilts are pretty.

  7. Hey, I have a huge pile of safety pins that I'll donate to the cause - because I'd rather be shot than pin baste!!! I'll send them off to you ASAP......

  8. A pink quilt. Love it. I bet it is already quilted.


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