Friday, April 27, 2012

Three down!

Every year I head-up a project at church.
We like to give the graduating high school seniors a quilt.
Everyone gets a chance to make some blocks.

Today I have three of the FIVE needed ready to go!
I blogged about this blue one already.
Then I was able to get this one quilted this week.
AND bound!!!

 I like this fabric on the back.
Since I was using white thread to quilt it.....
I wanted something that WHITE thread would blend with.
Sometimes you've got to think about THREAD color when you're
choosing fabric for the backing!
I was also able to get this one quilted and bound this week.
I know!!!.....
I can't believe it either!
Part of the reason is the many hands that helped me
PIN this on Wednesday morning!
Of course.....My quilting is on the minimal side!!

I was able to "hobble" the back together with
fabric I have on hand.
THAT's always a blessing in MY book!!!

Three down.
TWO to go!!!!


  1. Great idea to make them with your church friends. I know the graduates are going to enjoy their quilts : )

  2. Wow! What amazing quilts! :o) So sweet to give them to graduates. :o)

  3. What great graduation gifts. They are sure to be loved!

  4. You rock Beth! May your generous spirit come back to you 10 fold!
    I can't imagine how much these quilts will be loved!

    Happy Sewing

  5. Wow...wonderful quilts. Such a great gift idea!

  6. You take my breath away. What an energetic generous lady. They will be loved much by the students. Well done you and your friends.

  7. What a great thing to do for the graduates! These are all perfect quilts for young people.

  8. What lucky kids! You are so thoughtful:)

  9. Lots of scrapiness going on there--they look great! How nice that you make quilts for the graduates. Very thoughtful.

  10. You are just so darn productive! Even with the help it looks daunting. And the quilts are beautiful.

  11. You are the Queen of finishing quilts, Beth! Wow!! It would take me two weeks just to sew those bindings:)
    Love those scrappy tops and backings!

  12. Great, colorful quilts. Those graduates will be super happy with their new gifts. You and your church are very giving. Congratulations to you, too.

  13. Super grad quilts for your super grads! How special, they will have all that love wrapped around them as they start their new adventures away from home. Great idea!

  14. beautiful gifts from the heart...I know they will be loved!
    Only 5 grads, do you live in a rural area.?
    We are pretty rural, about 45 minutes from New Orleans, but we have over 300 grads at our high school. It serves 3 communities.

  15. Well done-you're a finishing genie! Great quilts!

  16. Those are great quilt!! What a wonderful idea, love it!

  17. as're my hero.....
    what sizes are these quilts Beth??

  18. What lucky seniors. All lovely quilts. Have started making the Half Log Cabin/Turned Bento Box. Thanks for the idea to use up my scraps.

  19. The quilts are beautiful! Yes. Lucky Seniors!


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