Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No more pins!

 No pins needed anymore!!!
It's ALL done.
Isn't it pretty???
Inspiration for the design and quilting lines
came from a friend.
That makes this quilt EXTRA sweet.

I just LOVE these lines with a loop-de-loop
thrown in every few inches!
Very cool!
NOW, I have another great and easy quilting design
to add to my "quilt design tool belt"!!!

You know me.
I love stripes!
This stripe is SOooo perfect for the backing!!!
I must have done a good job sandwiching this one....
the lines actually came out pretty straight.

I've decided to give myself an honorary degree:
Ms. Beth of Lovelaughquilt, MBQ

That's Master of Baby Quilts
for those of you are wondering!

I've made SO many baby quilts recently.....
I THINK I deserve it!
Are there anymore MBQ's out there????


  1. Turned out so cute. Love the loopy quilting.

  2. Yummy in every way. I myself am the QBQ Queen of Baby Quilts!

  3. Sweet, love the pops of gold/orange in all the pink splendor.

  4. Super cute! I like that you broke up the strips with little pops of color - its a fresh perspective on the basic style and so much more interesting.

  5. That's so gorgeous, Beth! And if you add a little dip to that loop-de-loop, you can turn it into a heart really easily - and then you've added two designs to your quilt-design-tool belt!! Congratulations, Ms. MBQ!!

  6. That is so cute, and love the surprise loops in the quilting, too! :o)

  7. Sweet quilt! Love the quilting idea! And I like Sarah's heart idea, too. So many possibilities with strip quilts. Children, teens, guys, gals. Using up scraps. You go girl.

  8. Fabulous! And I love those stripes, too!

  9. I love the stripes. It is a well deserving degree you have!

  10. I agree with you... MBQ, you do deserve it! Another beauty. I, too, love the quilting... especially the little loops. I've gotta try that! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I agree you are definitely an MBQ!! Love the design and the quilting.

  12. Congrats!!! Your quilt is beautiful.

  13. Oh your quilt is beautiful!!!

  14. I love the loops on the front and the stripes on the back!! And I definitely agree you deserve the title of MBQ.

  15. Congratulations on your Masters degree! Well-deserved. You make lovely baby quilts.

  16. Beautiful baby quilt! I am so proud of you accomplishing your MBQ degree! ;-)))

  17. I love the quilting loops!!! What a great idea and so cute. I think you are well-deserving of your degree :) I need to get a couple of baby quilts made myself for gifts -there have been a lot of babies born this year already!!

  18. this is lovely....those stripes on the back are great. i think i have that fabric somewhere in my stash


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