Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mother's Day is coming up.
Are you ready??

These little zipper flowers are easy peasy.
The internet has quite a few tutorials.

I made mine before checking...
so it can't be TOO hard!!!

This is ALL you need!!!!

Begin on the outside and just baste that zipper down.
Around and around you go!!!

Stop in the middle and cover those last few stitches
with some shiny beads!!!
Add a pin on the back...
and you have a pretty snazzy gift for
ANY mother in your life!!!

And look at this!!!!.....

My craftiness rubbed off on someone this weekend!!!
The LEAST likely suspect!

Here's Mr. LoveLaughQuilt...
Surprising us on Easter Morning....
Making corsages with FRESH flowers....
 for my daughters and me!!!

Oh. How. Sweet!


  1. Corsages! WOW! How wonderful! My hobby would never attempt, ney, never even think of it.
    He does bring me flowers - blooming loco weeds...for me!

  2. What an adorable flower! I have quite a few zippers to play with so thanks for the inspiraton:)

  3. I love those flowers. I have a couple of Grands that would love them on headbands. Corsages, really! He's a keeper.

  4. Love the corsages from hubby! how sweet!

  5. No way and he even let you blog about it?
    More than sweet!
    My DH runs when I point the blogging camera at him :0)

    zippers.....who would thought it could look so pretty?

    Happy Sewing

  6. melt my heart - a handmade corsage from your husband?! That is wonderful!
    I clearly remember my dad giving me money and sending me over the florist at the greenhouse to get a corsage for my mom for Mother's Day. I loved it. So feminine.

  7. so cute! and your husband is a treasure

  8. your hubby is so handsome and how sweet!!!!!!


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