Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A thank you gift.
Times TWO.

 A fun way to use a few quilt blocks!

 Thank you to all my blog friends who
KNEW the name of this block.....
Sister's Choice!

I should have asked YOU before digging through my books!

I did my own thing......
I used some corduroy, that I was never to going to use for
anything else, for the batting.....
and some loose weave linen that was given to me for the back.

The first one is not as heavily quilted,
Mainly because I don't think I pinned it enough before beginning.
IT's not as Smooth as I'd like.

While making the second one
I used the quilting spray adhesive
and found it was much easier to quilt!!!
Lessson learned!

Now...if people would STOP doing nice things for me...
I could make something for Myself!!!!


  1. Very pretty! I should dig through my drawer of blocks and see what I can make out of some of them.

  2. The table runners turned out beautifully!

  3. Those are nice. I like that you used the corduroy I have some from years ago when I sewed for my daughter. I think I'll try your idea.
    Isn't that basting spray great?

  4. the table runners are so pretty
    I never would have thought of using corduroy for batting on something like this. thanks for
    the idea

  5. Corduroy for batting, what an excellent idea. Never thought of using another fabric, although I've used flannel a few times.
    I'm amazed at how much you accomplish! Hope you make something for yourself very soon!

  6. Very nice tablerunners....they are a wonderful thank you gift!

  7. Corduroy, now that's thinking outside my box. Great idea and great runners. Your friends will be honored.

  8. Wow...what nice thank you gifts! They are beautiful!

  9. These colours are not the sort that I would choose for myself either but I love the finished table runners so maybe I should experiment more! Good idea to use the corduroy for batting - I should think of things like that, having a recycling ethic, but I'm just not good at having ideas beyond the norm!
    Teresa x


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