Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Gingerbread Boy

This is a sentimental quilt.
I was asked to finish this quilt up
by the GRANDson of the maker.
He's a NEW daddy.
I happened to give his new baby a quilt.....
so....he asked if I could do this favor for him.

This is what I began with.

It's totally hand pieced and hand appliqued!!!!
The stitches aren't super close together.
I bet if you saw this at the thrift store you wouldn't think of finishing it.

You're not a relative of the maker.
You didn't hear
The Little Gingerbread Boy read to you
over and over again
by the lady who pieced this one!

This quilt holds more than stitches.
It holds

And then...
I thought I'd send you a chuckle today.
I didn't notice my mistake here
until I was at the ironing board!!!
Oh I had a good LOUD long laugh!!!
Felt good!
I was hoping you'd laugh along with me.
That's always more fun!!!!

I even TRIMMED it wrong and didn't notice!!!!
Do you think I might be in a hurry once in a while????
That's kinda the way I work!!


  1. I love the gingerbread boy quilt! What a treasure. And I have to say I've been there and done that with binding.

  2. Oh what a wonderful thing to do. I'm sure the grandson will love it.

  3. I hate when I do that! Quite regularly! Love sentimental quilts, and so nice of you to finish it. Love the binding you chose for it - perfect!

  4. How adorable. It will be a family heirloom. Hugs

  5. Very cute!

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one that sews binding like that! LOL

  6. Very adorable...and so is your new bloggy look!

  7. Oh, I was laughing with you there. I've definitely sewn it together wrong before, but never TRIMMED it wrong! What a sweetheart you are to finish that quilt for him!


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