Friday, May 27, 2011

BIG project Blues.

When you're working a huge project...
do ever wonder...
WHY, oh why, did I EVER begin this?
What possessed me?

I'll never have enough of these!!!
That's what I was thinking yesterday.
I even had some bad dreams about it last night.
IS that a GOOD sign or BAD????
I've appliqued
LOTs and lots of these circles.
The last time I posted about this one is here.

Yesterday I trimmed and pressed.

then I appliqued some circles onto a VERY large piece of muslin.

I used the crease of the fabric as my center line.
I have a LONG way to go.
I was feelin' kind of overwhelmed
with the size of this project.

This little something came in the mail.
Oh MY!!!
Did my mood change!!!!
I just LOVE this little bit of
wonderful patchwork!!
I MORE than love it!!!

Michele even included some yummy fabric!
Your timing was perfect.
I'm not feeling BLUE anymore.


  1. Wow.... that's a LOT of appliqued circles! Whatcha up to? Is it a secret?

    Love the wonky stars and the new fabrics!

  2. I definitely get blue doing large projects, but the end result of something not only beautiful but also utilitarian keeps me going.

  3. Your Joseph's Coat will be beautiful and worth all the time you put into it. Love your little patchwork that came in the mail. Cute.

  4. Squishy to the rescue!

    Your circles look amazing Beth. You'll get there.... :D

    Have a great Memorial weekend!

  5. Your JC is looking great...I quit ages ago so I think you are much work but it will be fabulous! That is a really sweet little quilt...makes me smile!

  6. Oh but it is gonna be something
    else for a few days then go back to it....that works for me most of the time.

    Happy sewing

  7. Yes, I've wondered exactly the same thing about MY Joseph's Coat project. Only four blocks finished and I'm thinking a nice wall hanging might make a good finish! (ggg) Actually, I bought a set of JC lucite templates and will attempt to hand-piece instead of hand-applique. I like hand piecing much better!

  8. Its really a lovely piece and your workmanship is exquisite. Sometimes one does wonder what possessed them to create a project- You will find the right mojo to keep going- it really is such a pretty project.
    Your new fabrics are really terrific.

  9. Oh yes...I recognise the 'big project blues'! A tip...if you finish one and a much loved friend begs you to make another one, don't ever, ever say yes!!

  10. I understand your BIG project blues...and the same one haunts me = Joseph's Coat. But I don't have nightmares! I think I have about twenty-seven blocks finished...way too many left.
    We just have to keep plugging along and it will be worth it when it's finished.

  11. keep on going it looks great!!! love your mini too!

  12. The circle blocks do look great as a table runner you know.-)

  13. I don't know how you got started on this project, but I think you need to see
    Keep up the good work!


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