Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Sewing!

I'm not always quilting over here.
The sewing machine often gets practical jobs....

Like a DOG bed!!!

See how that fabric stash comes in handy??
In this case it's flannel.

These are the size flannel pieces I had...
So that's the size I MADE!!!

I basically made a very large round pillow.
I didn't mark it.
I just sewed a gentle curve.
I stuck some stuffing around the outside.

Sewed another circle to contain the stuffing a bit.
It's kind of like a donut. ;)

"Aaaaah!" He says....
"That's more like it!!!"


  1. Too cute! My furry has her own quilt and it is the flannel side she prefers - maybe with the warm weather we can flip it and the cotton will feel better.

  2. Your sweet puppy looks so comfy in his new bed. Nice digs!

  3. Your puppy looks very comfy and content... I'm saving fabric scraps (the size you throw out) to make my grandpuppy a bed...

  4. Looks like that flannel was perfect for the job.

  5. Your dog looks similar to ours... coloring, brown spots over the eyes, size too. What brand do you think yours is? Ours came from the Humane Society and they didn't know.
    More than one person has told us "Australian Shepherd", which we had never heard of!

    I'd love to know more.

  6. So not only do you spend yout time blessing the two-legged kind, but also the four-legged ones! I'm thinking someone is very thankful for his new cozy spot.

  7. This morning I also sewed for the dogs. Made a bed cover for an old pillow style dog bed. My fabric is an old upholstery type, in dark animal skin print. Yours looks much cozier :)

  8. What a sweet little puppy! And he looks very happy in his new bed....

  9. A human sized one would be just the job!

  10. great doggie bed. must try that one for Penny. She loves a little pillow for her head.

  11. Thanks for sharing your cute dog's new bed. I've been thinking of getting one for my little poodle, Murray. Didn't think of just making one!

  12. Cute doggy pillow and sweet puppy. Looks like my Buddy. Same coloration. Buddy was a longhaired Doxie. We miss him.

  13. how funny - I just think of your sewing machine as set on "quilt" :)
    but I love your casual, logical approach. I wish more people would approach sewing that way and not be so intimidated.


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