Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday finish

This was NOT on my "To Do" list today.

But I couldn't resist finishing it up!
I even have some of my friend's stitches in here!
She began the hand quilting for me yesterday
when she had finished her own project!

I loved being able to add a few of my OLD buttons.

I couldn't resist goofing around this morning....
and It's all Moda's fault!

They should NEVER have sent me
this little tiny package!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrate Sewing!!!!

I wanted to celebrate SEWING today
with my Thursday Friends.
They're the ones who hear me
as I work on all my projects!!!!
I do my fair share of complaining!!!! ;/

I dumped my 2 1/2" squares on the table
and said....
Choose 16 little squares and I'll make you something!!!

These are the squares they chose.
Aren't they Bee-yu-tee-ful?????

I just LOVE scraps.
I'm always having fun when there are
scraps to be sewn together!!!!

These little potholders are my way to
I hope when my friends are cooking....
they'll remember how much
I appreciate THEM!!!!

This little one even chose some scraps.

She learned how to stuff a pillow.

Look at this fun fabric on the back!

Her dolls will appreciate a soft place to put their plastic heads!
Ooooh! Wouldn't it be awful to have
Doll Hair????!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What are you up to today??

My daughter is dodging tornadoes in Tennesse.
Glad to know there's underground places to be
at her school!!!

Sweet Linda
Is driving to Colorado FROM California
making a very special delivery!!!

YOUR quilts for Japan.
She is more than sweet, I'd SAY!!!!!

She and her husband plus son-in-law plus grandson
just Happened to be going to Denver this week!!!!
She really wanted to be the
special delivery person for these great quilts!!!!

She's going to make a little side trip to
Golden, Colorado!!!
She has the address.
She has the phone number.

Thank you.
thank you.

 I'm over here jumping for joy!
You know why??
I had an art quilt accepted into a juried exhibit!!
It will be hanging first at the Long Beach International quilt show...
The exhibit is called "Bridges".

So many emotions today!!!!
My daughter...a little worried about that one.
Linda....driving those quilts ALL that way!
Me.....excitement about being accepted into a big show!

They're all rumbling around my head
and my heart!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An old friend

Meet an old friend.
Miss Pfaff.
She's dependable..does zigzag....
Is portable....and did I mention...dependable?

My work horse, Ms. JUKI, is visiting the sewing machine hospital.
They say it's not life threatening.....
Noise, Jamming, Even her light went out!!!
Ooooh...but I DO GIVE her a WORKOUT!
Guess I owe her a little R&R.
The question is....
How l-o-n-g is this R&R going to BE?????

Lovely, Miss Pfaff finished up the last bit of straight lines yesterday
and I've told her she's going to need to help me get the binding on!!!

But I know she'll persevere.
She's a saint.
Doesn't even get her feelings hurt when I tell her how much I miss
Ms. JUki!!!!

I sure miss MS. JUKI!

I miss her speed!!!
I miss her needle down everytime I pause!!!!
Oooh, I miss her speed!!!!
I miss her extension table!!!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011


This is a Birthday gift for a dear friend.
A simple table mat.

I loved adding those hand quilted stitches to this piece.
They make the ordinary..

I'm still using this marvelous mountain of scraps
that doesn't seem to shrink!!!!
I gave some strips to a friend......
I used strips from this mountain for the table topper
that I'm actually quilting today!

But that mountain is not a HILL yet!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terrific Triangles!!

I've been receiving some wonderful Flying Geese in the mail.
They're quite a bit bigger than your typical Flying geese.
All of these measure 15" across!!
My Bee Peeps are sending them my way!
Woo Hoo!!!
Aren't they lovely?
Aren't they wild?
Aren't they WONDERFUL???!

I laid them all out...
I'm wondering.....
Do they need/want a border?
Or will they be happy without a border?


Maybe this will help me think.

Friday, April 22, 2011

last minute

Are you a last minute quilter?
I am.

The wedding is next Saturday.
I began this quilt yesterday!!!
It's say???
well....except for hand stitching the binding down.
But I didn't work too hard....
I believe the fabric did ALL the work!
Look at that super simple piecing!
Look at the large pieces used!!
The bars are 10" wide!
The border is 8" wide!
So you see...
It's kind of like one GIANT quilt block!
Isn't it?
A simple quilt block at that.

I wasn't sure I'd be making a quilt for my daughter's friend.
My daughter thought she'd like one.

I waited until I'd finished some necessary projects,
Including the quilts for Japan.....
I had my daughter choose some fabric.

I also traded some fabric with a friend.
The two green ones above are from her.
She needed some orange and I needed some green.

I used every LAST bit of the selected fabric in this quilt.
I even ran out!!!
The grey corner blocks are filling in for me. ;)

 Design elements in a quilt usually happen because
there's not enough of the desired fabric!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

AAQI quilt

A little wonky chair
Quilted and bound! Woo hoo!

Here's a touching video
showing the AAQI exhibit
that travels around.

I'm glad we can support
so many
worthy causes with quilts!!!
Because you know....
I could NEVER use all the quilts
that I WANT to Make!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a little chair

I'm hand quilting some red lines over here.
Boy! Is it relaxing!
I should ALWAYS have a hand quilting project to work on!
But I don't.
Big quilts are kind of intimidating.
Aren't they?
You wonder if you'll EVER get it done!
At least, that's what I wonder
when I'm working on something BIG....

Thank you AAQI for giving me
the opportunity to create.
The opportunity to make a little something.
A little something that might help out.
It IS fun to create isn't it?
What are you CREATING today?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For Victoria

You know Victoria has WONDERFUL ideas!
Here is another one!
A signature quilt!
She requested a 6 1/2" block.
Here's my Rolling Stone.
(I found this pattern in an old quilt book.)
Kinda cute, huh?

I've decided.
Quilt blocks are like potato chips.
You make ONE
and then....
You want to make a WHOLE bunch!!!

I can't stop thinking about all the possibilities with this ONE block...
but you know what?
I've resolved.
I'm not going to begin a new quilt.
NOT today.

 There's always tomorrow!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


It's Monday.
The beginning of a busy week!
How about you? Do you have those busy weeks too?
I DID finish this quilt top, though!

I love it.

It's going to a very deserving boss.
I have no idea what colors she would like...
but this has LOTS of color!
I'm sure she'll like ONE of them! ;)

This is the perfect border fabric, don't you think?
I found it in my stash.
JUST enough too!!!

What does it mean when you have the
PERFECT fabric in your stash???
It can only mean

You have WAY too much fabric!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Counting my blessings.

1. My basket weave strip quilt is Growing!!!!
2. I know who I'm going to give it to!!!!!

3. It's Saturday!!!
4. I get to watch some FUN baseball!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Polka dots and Plaid........
A WINNING combination!!!
This is the very last little quilt going to Japan.
I just loved these Happy blocks I received
and knew they had to be a baby quilt!!!!

I also got word yesterday that I WON a prize!!
A silly prize....
But I'm not complaining...

The most esteemed fastest quilter in the land award!!!!
Awarded to me by Michele!
Thank you Michele!

The Prize package includes:

No Laundry today!

No Cooking today!

She also added a 5 yard shopping spree
to buy fabric I DON't need.

I've decided to trade the shopping trip in for
a history making event!!!

I'm going to see a movie.
You know the kind of movie where you
BUY a ticket!
Eat popcorn, if you want to!
See upcoming movies..... they still do that???
It's been so long since I've gone!!!!

Here I come!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost there!

I'm excited!!!
The binding's on!!!
ALL on!!!

Seven big quilts
Three little ones.
(this picture taken BEFORE binding)

YOU did it!!!!

I have a LITTLE bit more to go
and then.....
They're OFF!!!
Off to Japan!!!

Today I'll be...
finishing up the last baby quilt....
Adding labels.....
that's IT!!!!!

I'm Excited!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can't decide....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

straight lines.

I'm sewing LOTS of straight lines.
This way.......
That way.
Gets kind of boring. ;/

I will say I'm driving OVER some
very. pretty. fabric!!!
Lots of pretty blocks sent from all over the world
to make these quilts for Japan!
Thank you.

I'm so tempted to play....
These string blocks are sitting on the floor
calling my name
Their voices are pretty loud too!!!!

"Come and make some more of US
so WE can be a QUILT too!!!!!"

Monday, April 11, 2011


This is my "Someday" quilt.
Someday.... I'll have enough blocks for a quilt.

Someday.....I'll have needleturned my last leaf.
Someday...... I'll figure out HOW to put the blocks together.

This past weekend I only had time for ONE block.
Someday is probably a L-O-N-G way off!

This Dear Daughter wants Someday to be sooner!
In other words...
I think she likes it!
I think she might want it!
Oh good.
All that work for.....