Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The party's just beginning!!!

I received the FIRST of many house blocks today!
The blogland party is just beginning!!!
Kathy sent this one.....

and this cute little yellow bungalow!

I'd love to live among so many flowers!!!
Wouldn't you????

Michele sent one too!!!!

There's still LOTS of time to
"build" a 12"x12" house....
mail it to me....
and then
CROSS your fingers!!!

YOU might be the winner of
some GREAT blogland houses!

What a cute quilt that will be!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Black Bag

I've been shopping for a black bag.
Every time I see one I think about the black scraps I have at home.
I think...
I can MAKE a black bag.
Why BUY when I can MAKE???

I thought about it MANY times...
and FINALLY today I
DID SOMETHING about it!!!!

I did not use a pattern.
I measured the bag I've been using
and just made one similar in size
with the same sort of handles!

I almost CUT the handles OFF
my current bag so that I could use the rings...
I chickened OUT!!!!

What if I want to use my current bag again????
It's kind of worn out...
but you never know.....

Instead I used some "D" rings I had in my stash.

Here's the back.
I'm almost OUT of heavy black and gray scraps!
Oh no! ;)

I added some hexagons I made WAY back here!
That silk hexagon quilt is
That's o.k.
I DO like having a little jar filled with silk hexagons.
I can Whip them OUT at times like this!

Lining and a pocket with velcro!!!

Here's what's left of the wool pants I used!
One leg had already been used for a prior project.
Now we've got some HOT pants!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Construction 101

I'm getting ready for the neighborhood party!

Making the house is simple.

Adding the roof can get TRICKY.
First cut yourself a triangle.

Choose a background and lay that triangle down.
Cut across one side of the roof.

Sew it on.

Press open.

Scoot that roof down to the right over your background fabric....

Cut again.

Sew it on.
Trim your block to 12" square.

I hope you'll join us

Details HERE.

I need to receive your house block by...
 JANUARY 1, 2012

Don't let those pesky ROOFS
keep you from a party!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Triangle Tree!

I finished my triangle challenge....

I had LOTS of help in the kitchen!

Slicing and dicing.....

Stirring and mixing!!!!

For this little mini quilt I added some fast finish triangles.
It's an easy way for my swap partner to hang the quilt....
IF she wants to.
I used 5" squares, folded them

put them in the top corners before
stitching the binding down.

I LOVED putting ALL those stitches in!
Stitching and talking...
Talking and stitching....
A wonderful way to spend
 THANKSGIVING weekend!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I can do a little hand stitching today!
My daughter's cooking the turkey...
so I get to sew a little as I GAB with relatives!

This is a little mini quilt made for a swap.
I got excited....
got it together....
and realized...
It's too big!!

Oh well...
Hope Miki doesn't mind.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Neighborhood news!

Here's Julia's win from last years party!
Isn't this one sweet?
Do you see your home in there???
Thanks for sharing Julia!

Sign up to be part of this year's celebration

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

another apron????

It's SURE a good thing I don't get OUT much!
If I went department shopping more often...
I'm afraid I'd have LOTS of
cluttering my cupboards!

Here's the proof.
I couldn't pass this tea towel up!

Isn't it great????
The price was right.

I splurged...
bought it....
Made an apron.
If you're interested...
You can see how I made one like it last year here.

After all...
since my job involves
cooking and cleaning....
I should be able to sew a
UNIFORM once in a while!!!!

My older girls wondered if I have an apron
for EVERY DAY of the month.
Not YET!!!

Here I am.....
My daughter was kind enough to snap a picture
before she rushed off to work.
Not the best picture....
This is reality.
Cold mornings.
Coffee in hand.
Apron on.

A NEW apron! Woo Hoo!!!
I made this last night.

I doubled the recipe and have only this left.
Guess what I'm having for lunch???

Monday, November 21, 2011

Second Annual Neighborhood Party!

Last year abut this time we had a little celebration!
A blogland Party!
I wrote about it here and would love to do it again!

Blogland IS a great place to live.
We support each other with encouraging words.
Quilt blocks are sent out in mass when things get tough.
Residents with blog addresses are kind to VISITORS. ;)

If you would like to join me in celebrating
Send me one 12" house block with your blog address
written or stitched on somewhere.
If you don't have a blog can join in too!
Rules will be JUST the SAME as last year.

I will choose some winners on
JANUARY 1, 2012

Winners will recieve a set of blocks to make a quilt!
Everyone has ONE chance to win
EVEN IF you send more than ONE block.

IF you won last year and would like to share
with us what you made with the house blocks from last year....
please let me know and I'd love to share it with everyone!

Welcome to the PARTY!
Start stitchin' those cute houses!

Leave a comment if you'd like to join in!
I'll send you my address.
I WON'T be able to reply if you are a NO COMMENT blogger.
Check your settings. ;)

Grab the picture above if you'd like...
Invite Your Friends!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I ate my words.

I told myself ....
"I'm not going to make any holiday gifts or 
seasonal crafts this year."
My friends and I have ENOUGH!
I know that sounds strange coming from a
CRAFTY blogger. :)
Life is BUSY.
I wanted to TAKE OFF the pressure.
FOCUS on the important stuff.

 I was doing really good until I saw this.
Then I tried one snowflake...
I was hooked.

It was a fairly easy project.
I used some old red fabric that had
little gold dots on one side.
I didn't like those sparkly dots....
so I used the backside!

The lime green is linen.
I love linen on the table.

Guess what this is on the back????

I even had some lime green cotton
that matches almost perfectly
for the binding!
Woo Hoo!
Another project
spending A DIME!

Sometimes it's FUN to eat your words.

And you know what???
I'll probably EAT my WORDS
a FEW more times before CHRISTMAS.
There are just TOO many inspiring things
floating around BLOGLAND!

I'll try NOT to get too
DISTRACTED on the FUN things
and TRY to focus on the

Do you have this FOCUS problem
sometimes too??

I realized AFTER
fiddling with ironing selvages for this project
that I have a very BIG roll of
white bias tape that would have worked
REALLY well.
NO fiddling.
NO pressing.
I'll try to remember to use it next time!

I wonder if there'll BE a next time??
I think there will!
Thanks for the tutorial on these snowflakes Riel!

I used 6" squares for the snowflakes.
3" wide strips for the sashing.

I'm loving my new table runner!

Adding this post to some show and tells today
over at.....
 AmandaJean's, Sarah's, Karen's and Amy's blogs.
Seems there are LOTS of parties in blogland!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The party's over!

The yarn ties are all ON!
Thanks to all my friends who attended my
"Tie parties"!
also known as....
Senior luncheon and quilt class.

The flannel backing was pieced with what I had on hand.
ABSOLUTELY nothing was purchased for this
FUN quilt.

The cookies were eaten as we tied.
The BRIGHT turquoise binding is on!

Time to cuddle!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Going round in Circles.....

Singing along with Billy Preston....

I can't get the song OUT of my head!
It IS a catchy tune......
Don't you think?
Wondering WHAT song I'd be singing if I were quilting
 long LINES.

I'm using some NEON green to quilt this one.
Never thought it would BLEND in so nicely.

My goal of ONE donation quilt a month is almost a
Woo Hoo!

You're the winner of the little unfinished,
Make her a HAPPY doll....o.k.?