Sunday, March 25, 2018

Monday Making

This is a partial look at my stack of Table mats.
There are SEVEN that have been quilted!
That means there are
SEVEN that need binding.
 SEVEN that need ME to roll that binding over the raw edge
and HAND stitch it down!!!

I'm not sure there are enough meetings
and doctor appointments to give me the TIME
I "need" to do all that hand stitching.

I just MAY have to resort to netflix as I stitch.
Poor me.

I also finished a HAND WOVEN baby blanket this week.
This project makes me SMILE!!!

This blanket was warped up with a few colorful yarns
and THEN....
I wove with WHITE yarn to soften the color.

I hope to add binding to this blanket in between the table mats this week!
I COULD turn the raw edge there under.
 But this time I want to try a binding.

Weaving has been a learning experience for me.
and I LOVE learning HANDS ON!

What are YOU making this week??

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Monday Making

Thank you, quilting friends, for joining me each week!
It's always FUN to see what everyone's creating.

This table mat is number TEN!

Ten was my goal.
Goal. MET.
I made a bunch of hour glass blocks in my daughter's colors...
and before your know it....
I had a TABLE mat!

I will be quilting them all
and I should be done in time for the retreat
coming up in April!

(I am making table mats for an upcoming church retreat.
They decorate the cafeteria tables
during the weekend and ladies bid on them.)

What are YOU making this week??

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Finish

I am so happy I was able to finish another table mat today!!!
It's pretty simple.
Just four patches and squares.
I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out 
how to SET those little four patches!!!

Aaah! the decision making process.
Sometimes I agonize too much.

The four patches are made with 1 1/2" squares
and the alternate squares are 2 1/2".
This table mat is about 20"x 20"

My goal is ten table mats for an upcoming retreat.
So that means...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Monday Making

Does this look familiar?

It's the same quilt block from Friday
with a little color switcheroo!

This is Friday's block using a photo filter.
I can get LOST in those photo filters!

These two table mats are numbers 7 and 8.
My goal is 10, so I'm almost there!

It would be really NICE to piece those LAST two this week.
It'll be quilting and binding 
and quilting and binding..
and quilting binding......

What are YOU making this week???

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Finish

Christmas colors!

I am making table mats for an upcoming retreat
and this seventh finish makes me SO HAPPY!!

I began fiddling around with half square triangles
and an old quilt block pattern.
THIS is what happened!!!
Not anything NEAR the original design. LOL!

I want to GO BACK and pull some more fabric!

I am imagining ALL kinds of two color options.

This table mat uses 2 1/2" squares and half square triangles.
It measures  approx. 20"x 20"

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Monday Making

This is my work for the week.
Another Graduation quilt with SCRAPS, of course.

I originally thought I'd divide the rows
with strips of muslin.
The scraps had another plan!!!

I"ll be here sewing scraps together this week.
Adding muslin strips and borders would have been SOooo much faster!
What are YOU making???

Friday, March 2, 2018

Emphasis on Purple

I am happy to report I have another graduation quilt
READY to be quilted!

This one is scrappy
but I tried to emphasize PURPLE.

I was gifted the border fabric recently.
(when friends know you SEW,
they tend to GIVE you the fabric they don't WANT anymore!)
I rarely say "no" to FREE.
It's a very soft lavender gingham.

I left the edges UNCUT just like the last one I made.
I received lots of helpful comments on that post.
THANK you so MUCH!

It's a nice feeling to be AHEAD of the game
on these graduation quilts.
I need to make FOUR this is my HALF way point.

quilt info:
I made four patches with 3" squares.
2 white and 2 colored.

I joined them on the diagonal so they would be ON POINT.
The border pieces are all 5 1/2"x 9"...
one 10" square cut on the diagonal (two triangles)
 for the two corners that needed them.
(You can barely see one corner in the bottom of second photo)