Friday, August 31, 2012


When youngest daughter shivered and used MY shawl
in church last week...
I knew it was time for HER to have her own warm covering.

Two of these rectangles made on my new loom.....

became...... ONE poncho!!!

The blue yarn is alpaca wool.
It's sure to keep the CHILL off!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sewing Solids

While sewing with friends...
Into my quilt.
I was dreading this job,
so I waited until I had friends to talk with!
It made a tedious job go MUCH faster!

Basting this quilt is the FIRST step
to a hand quilted FINISH!

Here's the backing.
Isn't this GREAT fabric???
IKEA to the rescue!
Glad I found some fabric that I REALLY, really like
since I'll be spending LOTS of time with this one!

I put a few quilting stitches in....
It's now ALL ready to be my
TAKE along project!!!
Just in TIME!......
Soccer practice is TONIGHT!

Needle and Thread....check
I'm set!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I did some sewing yesterday
and decided....
My scraps needed some FOCUS!!!

I had this house block...
sent to me during our annual
from Marjorie.
She sent Two blocks, if I recall.
One for the party and one for ME!!!!
I think I've had it almost two years....????
It finally found the PERFECT home!
Love When that happens!!!
It's The perfect FOCUS for my newest

Monday, August 27, 2012

Scraps and Strips

Is anyone else...



I've used this scrap bag before...
It became a BEAUTIFUL quilt!
I even had some leftovers sewn together!!!

I'm not sure where I'm going with this one
as I sew along....!
That's O.K.
It's called......"WINGING it"!
My favorite PATTERN!!!  LOL!!!
Dump and SEW linky party
is coming up!
Sept. 10-15!
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quilt Along

My zigzags are all together!
It measures 50"x70" right now....
Thinking I'll add a border
with some of the leftover half square triangles.

I need a NEW quilt at my house!!
My son took ALL the quilts off of his bed!!!
That means......
I have a naked bed!
Can't let that happen!
Here's the link
for the Streak of Lightning quilt along!
Maybe you'll join in??

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I made some more blocks for

It's fun choosing the fabrics to make each 9 patch!
I'm trying to include Black and RED...
Just can't stop with a FEW we???
Each 4" strip
yields enough for TWO nine patches!

While I was sewing...
My SWEET daughter did MY job!
She harvested the tomatoes, onions and peppers..
Put it all in the crock pot!!!
We'll have Spaghetti Sauce
I'll think of her HARD work
EVERY TIME I serve it!

In between sewing...
my Granddaughter found some NEW TOYS!!!
(grandma's T-shirt yarn)

Monday, August 20, 2012

More little gifts

Today I made some more simple gifts:
The first two came about because I love that paisley print...
and that's ALL there was!
They kind of go together....don't you think?

Then I made two more using some orphan blocks.
Very easy.
Soft and pretty too!!!

These two are my favorites!
I love the blue and GREEN!!
A very happy combination!

All these potholders need now
and a gift bag!!!

Why is it my scrap pile never
gets smaller!!!
I always hope it will....
It never seems to happen!!!???

the way I work....
the scrap bag/box seems to GROW!!!
Maybe it's the way I DUMP!?????

Saturday, August 18, 2012


It was very hard to find time to sew this week.
I was BUSY getting my son ready for his FIRST year of school!

We dropped him off today.
A parental MOMENT...for sure!

We packed boxes.....
bought some necessary essentials....

And made SURE he had enough QUILTS for the bed!!
He loves to LAYER them!

FIVE. 5!!!!
You think he has enough????

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mini Dump and Sew!

Here's a mini dump and sew project.
It began during Granddaughter's nap time...
and ended this afternoon after she went home.

I found one of the MANY bags of scraps
that reside at my house.

I DO have scraps that are ORGANIZED.
These AREN'T!!!

I dumped.

I goofed around pulling out some things....
What colors will I use??

Took that bright green out and added some yellow.
Much better.
This layout was JUST inspiration.
The pieces DID NOT have to end up in this exact position.
That would take TOO much planning!

I began.
A red square next to a turquoise piece.

I pressed it open.

I cut the end off.

My goal is do as LITTLE cutting as possible.

I found a stripe that fit PERFECTLY.
I'm amazed how OFTEN this happens!!!

Another piece that's the perfect FIT!!!
Woo Hoo!!!

Someone WOKE up!
I took a BREAK
and we did a little swinging.

When I was done with piecing my 9" potholders.....
I used an old towel for batting.

Quilted a few RED lines.....
Added the binding....

Here's the backing fabric.

Then.....I wondered.....
Do I CLEAN up this mess....
dive IN and make another
DUMP and SEW project???

I hope YOU are making something
using a METHOD like this!!!

The linky party to share will begin
MONDAY, September 10
and end...
FRIDAY, September 15.

LOTS of time to
DUMP and SEW!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quilting on the go!

Aren't those stitches pretty?
I love simple cross hatching.
Since the squares are only 2"...
I was able to "eye-ball" the stitching lines.
Another PLUS in MY book!
I hand quilted this
and took it everywhere I WENT this summer!

I almost finished hand stitching the binding
at swimming lessons today!
I fit quilting in WHEREVER I go!
Since it's been so hot here...
I was really wishing I was the student in THAT POOL
Instead of the MOM with the QUILT on her LAP!!!!

This is sure a SWEET quilt!
I can't deny these colors make me HAPPY!

The nice tangerine backing and green binding
are favorites of mine TOO!!!

Since this quilt HAS been traveling,
it's acquired a couple of little "spots".
I hope they come out with some soap and water.
This Sweet little treasure just might end up

Monday, August 13, 2012

Looming Along!

A new RUG!!!

Just right.
Just right...

JUST right.

I DID have some colored balls of  t-shirt yarn......

But once I got going with the OLD white t-shirts....
I didn't want to leave!

The Golden stripes are Cotton YARN.

There are some GREAT how-to tips here.
(Thank you Barbara!)

I think the NEXT rug will have some COLOR!!!