Wednesday, September 30, 2009

scrap management

I showed you my fabric cupboard a while back.
That wasn't the WHOLE story.
Here's the rest......
2 1/2" strips.
One box of little squares in little bags.

3" x 3" squares.

2 1/2" squares.
These even have a little template.
woo hoo!

2" squares.
I will sometimes cut squares with the leftover fabric
from a project and just stick them into these
little bags.
I find that I use these little square quite
frequently in projects.
They're already to go!

fat quarters (or about that size pieces)
I have quite of few of these little buckets.

A drawer FULL of reds, purples, etc......
sharing space with lincoln logs.

Drawer FULL of yellows, tans, etc.....
sharing space with legos...

Drawer FULL of whites, etc.
sharing space with the little people...
why do you think I have so many of these
Besides making quilts and things....
I SHOP....
And I DID shop yesterday.
I was soooo good for so long and then
I went to my favorite discount store...
$2 a yard and found some fabric
I couldn't resist....



pink and purple.


blues and greens.
May your scrap basket be full
and your needle threaded!
I'm OFF to make a quilt!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

lone star

Here's what I did ALL day yesterday...
or so it felt like.
I quilted...
and quilted...
and quilted.
The top has been done now for a few months
But, the quilting wasn't.
I had this quilt top waiting in the wings,
waiting for me to come up with some GREAT
quilting technique...
but it never happened.
I was never inspired.

Soooo I finally went ahead and just quilted it all over with
some swirls.
No marking for me!
I like the binding.
Thought I would be using RED,
but when I looked at the red it just wasn't right.

This is how I made this quilt.
I used newspaper!
Cut my star points.
Every star began with a white center that I
tacked down with a little glue stick.
(I wouldn't recommend this because the
ink from the paper got on some of my whites.)
Maybe plain newsprint would work better!
Then I just added strips of red, white and blue
any size......
all the way across those star points.

You can see here the center of the starts all have a white strip.
The rest of the strips ALL came from
my scraps!
I know.....too many scraps at my house.
I still have more! oh no!
After all the star points were done...
I DID have to rip off all that paper on the back!
I enjoyed getting this off my to do list.
I love this quilt.
And I enjoyed the process.
Here's the beginning of a new quilt.
Same process.
Different sized shapes.

The backs of those pieces.
You can see how I sewed right through the paper.
For those NON quilters out there.
That's called Paper piecing....

If you're a real detective, you can figure out
what month it was when I started these by
checking out the movie ads on the back there. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

another finish!

Here's a baby quilt....finished!
I began with 5" squares and 2 1/2" strips.
Thanks to Amanda Jean for the inspiration.

I bought these fat quarters a long time ago.
Don't know who designed the fabric...
but I know I like them.

All those "sort of" solids were in my stash.
I REALLY didn't have to go to the store for this one.
Then I finished the top.
I DID NOT have a piece of fabric big enough for the backing!
Most of the time I buy 1 yard pieces or less...
and 1 yard was NOT going to do it!

I don't like doing extra work.
I like finishing the quilt REAL QUICK when the top is done.
I knew I could piece the back...
but I didn't want to.
and I didn't want to...
and then
Looking back..I know it took me
LESS TIME to piece the back
than to go to the store and get a bigger piece of fabric.
Aren't you proud of me for restraining myself and
not making that drive to BUY some?
I also am DREAMING some little boy will be
driving his cars on the back of that
Next time, I thought I might even make it
LOOK more like a road.
Wouldn't that be FUN?

And today I added this to my growing collection.
I wanted to experiment with flowers.
I have TONS of scraps.
Isn't it cute?

Love those pinks!

Here it is...
I am now a

Friday, September 25, 2009


I had a friend come over to sew yesterday.
It was a very productive morning!

Jen began with fabric, ribbon and elastic.

This is what she got.
Isn't that TOO cute?

Chloe thinks so too.

That ribbon hem was so-o-o easy!

Chloe is JUMPING up and down with
happiness because her older sister....

gets a skirt too!
You did it!

Jen brought over some OLD patterns!

How fun is that?
I'm going to try this one!

And while Jen worked on skirts...
I worked on leaves.
I'm thinking about a house in the middle of all these.
What do you think?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a puzzle.

Here is a quilted puzzle.
I was given all these pieces.....
....half done.

some big pieces of fabric came in the bag.

Some strips came in the package.
all different sizes!

some more strips.
Why am I dealing with this?
.....without a pattern?
because my "quilt mom" Gerda left these in her
stash when she passed away.
I wanted to finish something she started.
By the way...
She made a LOT of quilts.
She also gave a LOT of quilts away.
I was able to make some headway with it.

Then I found out one of her children had not recieved one of her quilts.
This son and daughter-in-law will be celebrating
25 YEARS of marriage next month!
What an opportunity!
(to give a quilt, of course)
I think this quilt will have a happy home. :)

I will be very interested to see what this pattern actually looks like.
(if I ever run into it at a quilt shop or in a book)
remember...I just tried to fit it together as best I could.

And look at that wonderful mistake (with pinwheels)
in the top right. :)
I had all the borders on when I noticed....!
You know me...
I sure don't like to rip things out....
Let's not tell the new owners about that..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

too much fabric!

After folding ALL this fabric recently...
I don't need any more fabric!!!
The act of folding it really, really helped!
I vowed I would not go to a fabric store
until I REALLY needed something
AND....I haven't been to a fabric store since.

I went to a THRIFT store!
A thrift store is not a fabric store.
I wasn't even THINKING about fabric when I saw these curtains.
They were still in the package!
Brand new!
(excuse the sideways picture above.
I got ahead of usual...
and didn't turn it before posting.))

Well, my mind went right to QUILT.
These would make a great
I bought 'em!
I took 'em home!
And now I can make another quilt!
I think I can just fit these curtains in that empty
space on the second shelf. :)

This is a quilt top that I have had in my cupboard for years.
This is the way I used to make quilts...
and this one never made the cut and never was gifted.
I would Cut 6" squares and sew them together.
Well, I didn't think this quilt would ever find a good home.
BUT...I think this week it did!
My daughter's friend came over and
ooohed and aaawed over all the quilts
over here at my house...
Did you know I have a few quilts?
Every bed, every sofa, a few walls....
it's kind of embarrassing.

Like I said, this quilt has waited a long time.
That little square there came from a skirt I made
M-a-n-y, m-a-n-y Moons ago!
So I quilted this top and finished it...
no longer a UFO.

I was so happy to make a college girl happy.
Everyone should have a quilt....
especially if that somebody
LOVES quilts....

Here's the back.
I have a whole bolt of muslin I need to use up.
What do you quilters use for muslin...
how do I look for quality in muslin?
inquiring minds want to know.