Saturday, September 26, 2009

another finish!

Here's a baby quilt....finished!
I began with 5" squares and 2 1/2" strips.
Thanks to Amanda Jean for the inspiration.

I bought these fat quarters a long time ago.
Don't know who designed the fabric...
but I know I like them.

All those "sort of" solids were in my stash.
I REALLY didn't have to go to the store for this one.
Then I finished the top.
I DID NOT have a piece of fabric big enough for the backing!
Most of the time I buy 1 yard pieces or less...
and 1 yard was NOT going to do it!

I don't like doing extra work.
I like finishing the quilt REAL QUICK when the top is done.
I knew I could piece the back...
but I didn't want to.
and I didn't want to...
and then
Looking back..I know it took me
LESS TIME to piece the back
than to go to the store and get a bigger piece of fabric.
Aren't you proud of me for restraining myself and
not making that drive to BUY some?
I also am DREAMING some little boy will be
driving his cars on the back of that
Next time, I thought I might even make it
LOOK more like a road.
Wouldn't that be FUN?

And today I added this to my growing collection.
I wanted to experiment with flowers.
I have TONS of scraps.
Isn't it cute?

Love those pinks!

Here it is...
I am now a


  1. Congratulations on your finished, very cute quilt; good for you piecing the backing instead of shopping for more fabric! I usually buy yards of discounted fabric for backings, but sometimes I have to piece it anyway. No so fond of that eiter.

    The pin cushion is lovely and a nice addition to your collection:-)

  2. Adorable quilt, adorable pieced backing, (yet another) adorable pincushion. I'm going to stop reading your blog; you put me to shame.

  3. The baby quilt it's so cute! and you have a beautifull collection of pincushions.

  4. Love the quilt. I sometimes piece my back; but, don't find it fun. Love you collection.

  5. Beth, very cute back! I'm glad you didn't head to the quilt shop to buy! It definitely gives it charm! Love the flowery pin cushion!

  6. I'm pretty sure that fabric is by Amy Schimler for Kaufman. The quilt came out darling! I love the back. Love your new pin cushion, too.

  7. Very nice, I like the back as well as the front; it could be a quilt in itself! Great job, I'm trying to avoid the fabric stores too, and your flower from scraps is adorable!


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