Thursday, September 24, 2009

a puzzle.

Here is a quilted puzzle.
I was given all these pieces.....
....half done.

some big pieces of fabric came in the bag.

Some strips came in the package.
all different sizes!

some more strips.
Why am I dealing with this?
.....without a pattern?
because my "quilt mom" Gerda left these in her
stash when she passed away.
I wanted to finish something she started.
By the way...
She made a LOT of quilts.
She also gave a LOT of quilts away.
I was able to make some headway with it.

Then I found out one of her children had not recieved one of her quilts.
This son and daughter-in-law will be celebrating
25 YEARS of marriage next month!
What an opportunity!
(to give a quilt, of course)
I think this quilt will have a happy home. :)

I will be very interested to see what this pattern actually looks like.
(if I ever run into it at a quilt shop or in a book)
remember...I just tried to fit it together as best I could.

And look at that wonderful mistake (with pinwheels)
in the top right. :)
I had all the borders on when I noticed....!
You know me...
I sure don't like to rip things out....
Let's not tell the new owners about that..


  1. Oh I'm glad you're doing something with that! And I'm so glad to know where it's going :-)

    I remember looking all over for the pattern to that and I couldn't find it. I wonder now if it might have been in a book. A number of the things I brought back to Ohio with me are projects started out from books.

    And sadly, none of Gerda's boys got a quilt made by her. Rachel might have one, I'm not sure. What I have is a project G&R started together and R worked on herself for awhile and then gave to me to finish :-)

    Jake never got one either, but I have a top she finished that's going to him as soon as I can get it sandwiched & quilted. Dark brown & green. Very cool quilt.

  2. What a wonderful gift for you to recieve, finish and then give back.
    I'm impressed by the result of your puzzle; nobody would ever know it was supposed to turn out differently if you did not tell them.

  3. What a kind, caring thing for you to do! And your pinwheel mistake? It's not a mistake; it's a unique tweak.

  4. Beautiful work, putting together these blocks for your friend's children. It looks so pretty.


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