Saturday, September 19, 2009

sometimes you gotta cook!

This isn't the prettiest picture...
but it looks so much better when you put this into....

Green Peppers were on sale this week.
I don't love to cook.
It's gotta be simple for me.
This is simple.
1 pound turkey
1 chopped onion
1 large can tomato sauce or puree
1 can water
1 cup rice
garlic, chili powder, celery seed...
anything you like...:)
I like to just sprinkle it on.
Start browning that meat and onion.
1 Cup rice near the end of browning.
add the sauce, spices and a can of water.

Instead of taking the tops off of those peppers
I just cut 'em in half (getting rid of the seeds and top)
Put some of that meat mix in.

You're going to have some extra.
JUST spoon it all over.
You may want to pour a little water around the pan.
I do.
I think it cooks better that way.
don't you just love these exacting directions?

Bake 350 for 30 minutes or so.
put some cheese on top at the end.
My kids don't love the peppers, but my husband and I do.
I usually serve the kids lots of meat and rice...
with a little bit of pepper...
then i a good mom.....
"don't forget to eat your vegetables".
When they get older, they always like those veggies!

And now...
my last picture of one of these.
I'm only sharing this to tell you (confess?)
I had some problems on what I said was a
SIMPLE project!
It started with that orange block on the left.
It would have been so much nicer in the middle.
Don't you think?
I got carried away and had it all together before I realized...
It WASN'T in the middle like I had planned.
As you can see I left it. oh well.
I really don't like ripping out if I don't have to.
I'll probably use it at Thanksgiving and cover it
all up with food anyway!
Then I was sewing that beautiful binding on
I was WAY ahead of myself.....:)
I DID have to rip THAT out.
Now it's all done and I won't be
confessing about my sewing foibles for....
...a week?
....a day?

I had just enough of this lovely fabric for the back.
That's ONE consolation!

And here is what I work on when there is no
pressing project going on in my
sewing area (dining room).

Someday I'll be rich and famous and have one of those...
sewing rooms!


  1. Good thing I just finished dinner or I'd be drooling over those stuffed green peppers. I make up bunches of them each fall and freeze 'em. Take desired number of halves out of freezer in morning, let defrost in pan on counter, heat in oven . . . super-easy supper.

    I don't think you should feel bad about your block placement in the table runner at all. Looks good from here!

  2. mmmm! Will try those soon. The recipe you posted a while back with the black beans was SUPER! A hit with my kids, too.

  3. Your table runner is perfect as is. Love it. You peppers look yummy!


  4. Yum! I love stuffed bell peppers! You just made me hungry! The table runner came out beautifully~some projects just require more work than others~all's well that end well. . . and the 9-patches are heavenly. Enjoy your Sunday Beth!

  5. Stuffed peppers are the BEST. Thanks for the inspiration for a dinner plan this week.


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