Thursday, September 17, 2009

little quilts

little, little quilts.
so simple.
so fun.
I love the olives on the back!
These are little gifts for friends.
I love giving these little quilts away!
(i mean potholders)...

red and yellow!
the same and yet not QUITE the same.
Scraps aren't always
in the exact amount you need. :)

The backs of these potholders
were made from a piece left over from
a red and white quilt that I loved.
Fabric scraps almost always brings back

Here's what I decided to do with those poor
little blocks I mentioned on Wednesday.
At least THREE of them get to see the
light of day now!
And......This table runner was so-o-o easy....
that the other blocks may be able
to get out of the drawer soon also!

Here it is welcoming the family home!

The backing...
Interesting fabric......
But not sure I want to look at it
ALL the time. :)


  1. Beth those potholders (little quilts) are wonderful.

  2. I, too, adore making and giving potholders!

    The tablerunner you made from your lonely blocks is per-FECT on that chest. Good choice.

    (You've been BUSY!)

  3. I need new potholders in the worst way! Do you put something special in the middle to keep your hands from burning?

  4. I love love love love the pot holders!!!! :) :) :) :) ?

  5. Pretty potholders! And the table runner is very nice. Good way to use some of the blocks. The other one is nice too, that has the orange/purple back. Even if the orange block ended up on the end.

  6. Love your table runner.I have lots of lonely blocks.How did you figure the triangle size ?


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